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Download Adobe Illustrator CS4 for Windows & Mac – If you are now searching for a drawing software with the multi-function, you can definitely consider Adobe Illustrator CS4. Developed and marketed by Adobe Inc, Adobe Illustrator was originally designed for Apple Macintosh. The development of the software actually begun in 1985 and it continued to develop up to the present time.

Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4

Adobe Illustrator CS4 is considered as one of the CS series reviewed as the best vector graphics for editing program, especially as the drawing software. It provides sophisticated tools for drawing and typography for an excellent graphics environment.

What to Know About Adobe Illustrator CS4

There are typically some basic tools as well as excellent tools which are also the prominent tools you have to know when you want to install this software. Check the review as follows:

General Information

Before understanding more about Adobe Illustrator CS4, it is required that you know at least the general information about the software. CS4 is actually categorized as creativity application which means it helps you carry out your creative ideas into drawing or designing something. The general functions if the software that you can optimize include the creativity working and graphics as well as image editing. This means that along with this software, you will be able to edit your image, graphics and other creative works by optimizing the features and specs.

Some Basic Tools

In order to optimize this software, you have to know some basic tools of the software. Those include the selection tools, paintbrush tools, pen tools, and pencil tools. The selection tools are very much useful to help you design the layout, adjust and organize the artwork by accurately selecting the object, positioning and stacking it. The selection tools are also aimed to group, lock and hide as well as measure the objects.

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The paintbrush tools are used to modify the artwork look. These tools include calligraphic, scatter, art, pattern, and bristle. Pen tools will help you to create straight and curved lines for the artwork. Meanwhile, the pencil tools will enable you to draw and edit the freehand lines.

Excellent Tools

The next list to check out of Adobe Illustrator CS4 is an excellent tools addition. The tools include multiple artboards, a blob brush tool used for painting, and the change-equipped tools in which the functions are to design a mobile content, motion, web design and interactive graphics models. Along with the excellent tools, you will be able to make a better design. Well, I am quite sure about it.

Adobe Illustrator CS4 Latest Version
Adobe Illustrator CS4 Latest Version

Enhanced and Advanced Language Features

Adobe Illustrator CS4 also includes enhanced and advanced language features in the software. This feature contributes much in designing quickly and confidently using the software. The languages feature offer the users from Middle Eastern, North African and Greek to explore more possibilities using the software since their languages are available in the software.

System Requirements

The system requirements required by Adobe Illustrator CS4 are Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. Consider installing this system requirement on your computer just before you pick up CS4.


Overall, Adobe Illustrator CS4 has all you expect from a drawing software. Considering the more useful tools either the basic ones or the excellent ones, you will be more assisted by the software in designing your projects.