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Download Malwarebytes Free Latest Version for Windows & Mac – Did you guys know what malware is? Or have you ever heard that term before? We can know that malware can be likened to as a nuisance and make our computer not run optimally. Not only that but with the existence of malware, there is a possibility that our personal data will be taken by irresponsible third parties. Well, this time we will not discuss deeply what malware is but how to overcome it by using Malwarebytes. The more diverse threats when surfing the internet requires us to be more vigilant and careful. Even though antivirus is installed, sometimes threats that utilize an internet connection still come from all directions. Viruses are not the only threat, you know. Spyware, malware, worms, trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, and the like can inhibit PC performance, and can even damage data.

Malwarebytes Logo
Malwarebytes Logo

Why You Need to Install Malwarebytes

That’s why there’s nothing wrong, besides armed with antivirus, you also install powerful antimalware applications on your PC. It can be an option thanks to its ability to ‘complete’ the functionality of antivirus. Even it’s no secret that sometimes antimalware is the ideal solution when antivirus applications cannot erase these symptoms. Even though it’s free, don’t underestimate its ability. This application can properly detect and remove all malware and spyware completely. The author himself had experienced this. Despite installing an antivirus, the computer is still exposed to spyware which is quite annoying. Fortunately, these symptoms can disappear completely after scanning using this Anti-Malware software

Generally, malware is not visible and it will be very difficult to delete it manually. Therefore we need tools to eradicate it, this is what we will discuss this time. Malwarebytes is a software that functions to cut malware on our computer. Then what’s the difference with an antivirus? Antivirus can deal with a variety of files that threaten our computers (viruses, malware, spyware, etc.) while Malwarebytes focuses on malware. So this software can be juxtaposed with the antivirus that we already have in order to detect malware that escapes antivirus surveillance.

Advantages and disadvantages of Malwarebytes

From the experience of us in trying this software, there are several advantages and disadvantages in it. The advantage offered is that this software can eradicate malware on our computers even though the malware escapes from the antivirus. Then this software is in sync with the antivirus that we have so it works will not clash with the antivirus. Overall, this software’s performance also does not burden our computer so it won’t be a problem.

Malwarebytes Free Latest Version
Malwarebytes Free Latest Version

However, some of the shortcomings also found in this software are like system requirements which are fairly high (can be seen below). Malwarebytes has relatively higher requirements than antivirus so that for devices that are inadequate this will be a problem. Another disadvantage is that in the free edition Malwarebytes does not have a real-time protection function so we have to scan manually because the function is only in the premium version. Overall, this software is really great to get rid of malware in your PC. We really recommend it!

Download Malwarebytes Free Latest Version

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