Download Adobe Illustrator CS6 [Windows & Mac]

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Download Adobe Illustrator CS6 for Windows & Mac – Are you looking for a drawing application serving you a new look and an enhanced-performance? Adobe Illustrator CS6 can the right option to figure out. This type of adobe illustrator is considered as the powerful vector drawing software which offers all the things needed for design, video projects and web for the users. In this case, Adobe Illustrator CS6 will be more suitable to use for a web designer, video editor as well as those who work dealing with the drawing matter.

Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6

Adobe Illustrator CS6 proves to perform best through the features added to the software. Developed by Adobe, this drawing software is compatible for Windows and Mac OS X platform. Make sure your computer has an operating system that is required by this tool before the installation. Well, this is not actually a big deal.

What to Know About Adobe Illustrator CS6

To find out more about this drawing software, you may check out the review as follows:


The first thing you have to know about adobe illustrator CS6 is the performance. As a powerful drawing software, this one is carrying Adobe’s Mercury Performance System which fully participates to improve the responsiveness. Although the former version was considered having a doubtful implementation, however, CS6 version has been improved and optimized. As a result, the Gaussian blurs are now performing faster. Thus, this type of software is now becoming a trustful software to consider.


The second thing you can try to find out is the interface. Adobe Illustrator CS6 provides 40 usability tweaks for the interface of illustrator. You will get an easier way to change the font in editing layer names.

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Workspace Management

The third thing you have to check out just before installing CS6 is workspace management. The workspace management performed by this drawing tool is considered meeting your expectation. Some options which are typically hidden away including shape and pen tools can be docked. In this case, you can either dock the tools horizontally or vertically for the workspace organization. You can definitely do this based on your own likeness and willingness.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Latest Version
Adobe Illustrator CS6 Latest Version

Image Tracing Engine

The next spec of adobe illustrator CS6 is the image tracing engine to support you convert easily, for example, you can be able to create a seamlessly tiled vector formula. This software program enables you to do something more with the software.

Book Guidance Availability

Another reason why you have to know is that this software provides either online guidelines as well as book guidance availability.  This means, to learn about the software, you can browse the procedure online from your internet sources. You can also buy the book guidance which has been available in the market. Thus, even if you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry to learn about the software. You can learn anything about using the software for your work necessity.


In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator CS6 can be the right powerful option for your drawing tool. Considering the five features or specs of the software, you will be able to use it optimally for designing web, drawing and designing projects with enhanced performance.