Download Asus PC Diagnostics Latest Version for Windows

Developer Asus
License Freeware
Size 43.3 MB
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Download Asus PC Diagnostics Latest Version for Windows – Asus PC Diagnostics is freeware or utility which is designed to tests well as to show you the system information, system devices, and system stress for gaming, particularly for ASUS PCs. This utility is considered to be a very comprehensive tool which is designed to retrieve the system information from your computer key areas.

As one of freeware you need to install on your computer for the better programming, this utility will be very helpful and useful for you and the users especially when you are using ASUS PCs. On this page, you are going to read some short and brief information about Asus PC Diagnostics.

Asus PC Diagnostics
Asus PC Diagnostics

Asus PC Diagnostics Features

Ability to Perform Automatic Test

The first information you can derive from Asus PC Diagnostics is the ability to perform an automatic test. The automatic tests performed include the test on the CMOS, CPU, RCT, PCI (IE) and USB.  You can also perform some interaction tests on the memory, storage, audio, network, monitor, camera, keyboard, and mouse. In this case, you are able to choose as many tests as you want about the multiple tests directly.

Memory Information

Dealing with system information share feature, it presents the memory information which includes the manufacturer, model, memory clock and size, memory current usage and memory data width. This feature is very useful to know how much memory space used and left.

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Display Adapter Information

The next information to know about Asus PC Diagnostics is the display adapter information. This includes varying information such as the manufacturer, the model, video memory size, VBIOS version, driver version, current refresh rate, current color depth, current display resolution, and desktop resources. Thus, if you want to find out information about one of those display adapters, you can search by typing and finding display adapter information.

Network Adapter Information

Other information you can derive from Asus PC Diagnostics is the network adapter information. It includes the information about the manufacturer, model, network resources, driver version, the capacity of the maximum bandwidth, current network status and the IP settings. You need this information dealing with the network you are using on your computer.

Asus PC Diagnostics Latest Version
Asus PC Diagnostics Latest Version

CPU Information

Other information you have to know through Asus PC Diagnostics is the CPU information. The CPU information shows the CPU manufacturer, CPU clock speed, model, CPU Functional features, chance, current CPU usage as well as the driver version. You can find all about your CPU in this feature.

Operating System Information

Other information which is very important to know is the information about the operating system. Asus PC Diagnostics diagnoses what operating system you are using on your computer. Well, it includes information about the operating system name, installation date, and version.


Conclusively, Asus PC Diagnostics is very much useful to provide you with the way of getting information on ASUS PCs.