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Brasero is an open-source disc burner designed for Unix-like operating systems such as Arch Linux, Slackware Linux, and more. While it is a default burner for GNOME desktop, you can easily download it to your hard drive.

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Using this program, you can burn data onto CDs or DVDs without putting extra efforts. Thanks to plenty of features for data, ISO, and audio burning included in the software. Initially released in April 2007, it became one of the most popular disc burning programs worldwide.

Brasero Features

Brasero comes in handy to create a new project from audio to images and burn it onto CD or DVD. It has the ability to simplify your tasks thanks to abundant features brought to your table. Here are useful features to find in this program:

1. Data Burning

Easily edit the content of your disc with Brasero. This software enables you to do various things like rename, remove, or even move files inside directories. It also supports automatic filtering that helps you get rid of unwanted files such as broken files or hidden files.

Other data burning features include multi session support, Joliet extension support, and ability to write images to make an image to your hard drive. And if you wish to check disc file integrity, this program has got you covered.

2. Audio

Creating audio project comes easy with this disc burner. You can write information of CD-TEXT that is automatically found with GStreamer. The ability to burn audio file onto CD in real time makes it a great alternative to finish your creative project.

This CD-burning program allows you to use audio files tackled by GStreamer installation like flac, mp3, and ogg. Plus, it can easily search for wanted audio files dropped inside folders and supports full edition of silence among tracks.

3. Copy

One of the best features brought to you by Brasero is the ability to copy CD/DVD. You can quickly copy a CD or DVD to hard drive using ISO format. It also enables you to copy on the fly for a faster performance.

The program supports single session data with all kinds of CD. With this feature, it is much easier to create a project that meets your preferences.

4. More Features

Furthermore, this program highlights the ability to erase CDs or DVDs. It makes everything easier, especially if you accidentally create a wrong project CD. Using GStreamer framework, it provides song, video, and image previewer.

You can also take advantages from other functions like device detection, notification for file change, and customizable GUI. These features allow you to save a lot of time working with your project.

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5. User-Friendly Interface

The disc burning software comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. Once you open this program, you will see a complete menu. From this menu, you can choose an action from creating audio project to burn image.

Brasero Features

At the top, it also has several menu options including Project, Edit, Tools, and Help. Choose a menu to make project creation a lot easier.

6. Easy Drag and Drop

Cut your time for locating contents with drag and drop feature. It allows you to easily burn files onto CD or DVD simply by dragging and dropping the content into Brasero window. Or, you can also use cut and paste to get this done.

How to Use Brasero

Creating a project and burning a disc using this program is quite simple. Especially if you are using Linux, it will take only a few steps to backup data. Follow steps below to back up your data using Brasero:

  • Insert a blank DVD or CD.
  • Click the Data Project button.
  • Add files to the project. Click + button and navigate to your files. You can also drag and drop the file into the Brasero window.
  • Once files are added, click Burn button. This action will open a new window.
  • Click Burn button again.

By default, the system is designed to eject the disc after burning. But you can also choose ‘Simulate before burning’ just in case you want to test it before burning. The burn process heavily depends on your burn size and hardware speed.

How about burning images? The process of burning images is not much different than burning data. The following steps will help you:

  • Launch Brasero from your computer.
  • Choose Burn image button.
  • Select Click here to select a disc image.
  • Locate the ISO image you want to burn.
  • Insert a disc to burn.
  • Click Burn button.

Burning images can be a bit longer than burning data. It is primarily caused by the larger size of ISO images. Once the burn process is done, the CD or DVD is ready to use.

Brasero is a useful tool to burn CDs or DVDs. Now that you know its features and how to burn data as well as images, downloading this program can be a great idea to get your project done. Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements.

Download Brasero Latest Version