Download Canon IJ Scan Utility [Windows & Mac]

Developer Canon
License Free
Size 31.2 MB
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Possessing Canon devices requires you to find out Canon IJ Scan Utility, too. You want to scan documents or other files with your Canon devices, don’t you? Thus, it comes to serve you the easy and practical way.

Firstly, let’s define what actually Canon IJ Scan Utility is. Well, you won’t feel strange about this term if you have been busy with kinds of software. Canon IJ Scan Utility is a tool which you can use to scan documents of any file format through the whole system in order to easily operate the scanner functions. This is aimed to help you to scan easily with the Canon printer.

Canon IJ Scan Utility
Canon IJ Scan Utility

Now if you are possessing Canon printer in the office, you have to install this tool on your computer to assist you to print or scan pretty easily. Along with this tool, you will be able to operate the scanner function optimally so that you can reach better work result.

Canon IJ Scan Utility Features

Now the question is; What can you get from this tool so you can optimize your computer? Scroll down this page and find what features you can optimize.

Vibrant Search Bar

The first feature you have to know about this tool is the vibrant search bar. This is a feature you can use as a challenge because you must work with the way of managing and handling the tool. When you are able to master and handle the tool or this application, you will feel sure that Canon IJ Scan Utility is the right package you install on your computer. You will find it easy to use and very helpful. The vibrant search bar is about to manage and handle the tool to operate the computer dealing with scanning functions on Canon printer.

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Canon IJ Scan Utility is definitely licensed as a freeware running on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operation system. There will be no restrictions noted by using this application. Moreover, this tool is designed to be available for all software and can be downloaded for free.

Canon IJ Scan Utility Latest Version
Canon IJ Scan Utility Latest Version

Less Time Consuming

The next feature of this tool or app is less time-consuming. This means that you will be able to operate the tool easily without taking too much time. Along with the suitable Canon printer type, you will be able to scan the documents online just like doing a simple task. Of course, you can do this by Canon IJ Scan Utility feature.

Easy Setup

This tool is also considered having an easy setup. It is very simple to execute since the link you have to download is provided based on your operating system.

Scanning Integration

Other feature you must see is the scanning integration. Canon IJ Scan Utility offers a scanning integration with the other applications. By this feature, you can display your scanned images in your favorite application. Then you can attach those images to emails. You can also extract the text from images and much more integration.


Overall, it is very useful and helpful to install Canon IJ Scan Utility for your computer particularly if you have Canon devices such as Canon printer.