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CDBurnerXP is a useful CD-burning program for Windows. This free and open-source application can handle CDs and DVDs as well as HD-DVDs and Blu-ray. Featuring Multilanguage interface, it is suitable for everyone from everywhere, including your company.

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Despite it has XP on its name, this disc burning tool is not specifically designed for Windows XP. Instead, you can use it on other versions of Windows like Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7 and higher, be it 32-bit or 64-bit.

CDBurnerXP Features

This versatile app includes a number of features to help you burn and create ISO images in a CD or DVD. It also has a complete set of features to create data CD and audio CD right from your Windows computer. Here are several things to find in this CD-burning tool.

1. Disc Spanning

Disc spanning is a highlight feature that promotes efficient data distribution. When the capacity of your images exceeds the total capacity of a CD or DVD, this feature will automatically spread the file to multiple CDs or DVDs. The same premise also works in Blu-ray.

For instance, your file is as large as 20 GB. If you use a 4GB disc, you will need to spread data into five different DVDs. This is a great feature that allows you to get rid of manual data spanning that can be tedious. Moreover, it has the ability to spread data in a better way than you do.

2. Supports Multiple Kinds of Discs

You can burn any data on a range of discs like CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW, HD-DVD, and double layer medium. It also supports M-disc that allows you to preserve data up to 1000 years. This is a great feature that allows you to create permanent backups.

3. Create ISO File

Burning and creating ISO File is brilliantly easy with CDBurnerXP. This application allows you to burn and create ISO images from files in your hard drive or optical discs. Of course, how to burn ISO files from those sources are different.

When you are working with files from hard disk, you will have to create a file compilation using Create Data Disc. But if your files are sourced from disc, simply insert your CD or DVD and go through Copy Data Disc.

4. Supports Multisession

Furthermore, the disc burning program offers multisession to improve space efficiency. This key feature enables you to add files into the same DVD in different time. Thus you don’t have to waste too many discs for files with small sizes.

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For example, you want to burn a 1 GB file into a 4 GB DVD. This multisession feature allows you to use the other 3GB for storing other files in the future. It comes in handy to save discs and space.

5. Data Verification

Data verification is one of the best features to find in this app. It lets you verify data after burning process to make sure all the data are well-burned and readable. You can make this verification feature run automatically after burning by choosing Verify data after burning option.

6. Multiple Languages

There is nothing to worry about language barriers. This program is designed to support multiple languages so you can easily use it without difficulties. Choose a language of your preference during installation, such as English, Spanish, or Indonesian.

7. User-friendly Interface

While some disc burning apps come with complex and confusing interface, CDBurnerXP is an exception. It has a simple and clean interface that makes it easy to use for anyone. Once launched, you will see menu options that can be chosen as your preference.

CDBurnerXP Features

How to Burn an ISO Image CDBurnerXP

This program offers a quick and easy way to burn an ISO image. Whether you need to create a data backup or simply need to give this app a try, you can burn an ISO image in a few seconds. In order to use this app, you will have to download and install it on your Windows.

After installing this app on your computer, you can get data or audio project done. Follow step by step instructions below to burn an ISO image.

  • Insert a blank disc into your computer.
  • Launch this application and choose Burn ISO image option from the menu. Click OK.
  • Next, select an ISO file from your local drive. Press a button with three dots.
  • You can choose Disc at Once in burn method and Finalize disc in burn options.
  • Once everything is ready, click the Burn disc button.
  • If you set the app to verify after burning, you will need to verify data after the process is finished.

Now your ISO image has been created. You can mount the ISO file whenever needed. What if you don’t have an ISO file? This program allows you to easily convert images to ISO in a few clicks.

Do you need a handy disc burning program? CDBurnerXP can be a good bet. Whether you need to create data project, audio project, or burn ISO images, this app has got you covered.

Download CDBurnerXP Latest Version