Download Clementine Music Player [Windows, Mac & Linux]

Developer David Sansome, John Maguire and Arnaud Bienner
License Free
Download Free Download

Clementine is one music player that is designed for a certain need and purpose. You probably think that all music players are just the same, but they are not. Even the seemingly similar apps are proven to be quite different – whether in the implementation, policies or operating mechanism. Well, this app is also similar to other players – with its specific requirements, applications, and mechanism. But be sure that you can enjoy tons of great features and perks with the entire application.

Clementine Music Player
Clementine Music Player

About Clementine in General

First, you need to understand that there are some apps that are designed for a certain need or a certain operating system. Clementine is an app built for Linux platform. The problem with such a platform is the limited good programs that can actually deliver something good and useful. But Clementine is an exception and it is proven to have a solid performance that won’t disappoint most users.

As it was mentioned before, the biggest issues with Linux (and the programs) are the facts that they look almost similar to one another. Moreover, they don’t really stand out among the others – because there is nothing special about them. Well, how would you feel if your music player consists of only window panes with the info about the music and the song? Not very much interesting, isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t mean that Clementine will incorporate all the modern features and sophisticated benefits. On the contrary, the app is pretty classic with improved functionality. Forget the futuristic design because you will only deal with classic design – and also pretty simple and straightforward operation.

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The Development

Developers who are responsible for working on the app claim that they are inspired by Amarok 1.4, an old music player. If you happen to take an interest in history, you should know that Amarok was a powerful but simple player. It has been developed into something colorful and modern, which is contrary to Clementine.

Clementine Music Player Latest Version
Clementine Music Player Latest Version

Features to Like

Just like the popular apps, it is easy to spot on why Clementine is liked.

  • Easy installation. The simple installation is one of the factors to like about this app. Some users have installed the app in Ubuntu and they didn’t encounter any problem at all.
  • Simple usage. The design of the app is pretty clear – it is basically a self-explanatory app. Just check the default and you should be able to figure out everything by yourself.
  • Clear features and instructions. You can see such things like Playlist, Devices, Artist Info, and such thing alike. Each of them has its own complete options – and you can tweak them all to your suit and preference.

The Good and Bad

Again, the thing to like about this app is the clean and simple interface. The key is the classic design and the simplicity in the usage. However, be prepared to experience a crash. This doesn’t happen to all users. It only happens to several users and to several kinds of music. Until now, no one is able to figure out why such a crash happens or what kind of song or file causes it. In the end, Clementine is proven to be quite good and satisfying.