Download 1stBrowser Latest Version [Windows & Mac]

Developer SIEN SA
License Freeware
Size 3.66 MB
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Download 1stBrowser Latest Version for Windows and Mac – Similar to Chrome, 1stBrowser build around Chromium with same open-source code. When you open the browser at first, you might find the familiar interface. However, do you think you will get the same browsing experience as Chrome in 1stBrowser? Well, let’s check out what is going to be offered in this browser to improve your online interactions.


Main Features in 1stBrowser

This browser offers next generation of browsing experience through its several main features, including:

  • Wallpapers and icons

Personalize your personal browser is the key feature from 1stBrowser. Thanks to “Personalization” button in the top right corner of the screen, it is the first browser with the fully customizable offer. Users can find more than 100 colorful themes in the catalog and more than 1000 icons. You can design your browser to your like from altering the colors to choosing the background images. Whether you want to make it darker or brighter, you get unlimited options. Moreover, you can also chat with your friends with more fun by sending thousands of chat smileys, emoticons, and stickers.

1stBrowser Latest Version
1stBrowser Latest Version
  • Easy access to your favorites

It provides a drop-down menu with icons and popular listings. This feature allows the users to save their most visited websites and get quicker access. You just need to do one click on the browser and you can open your favorite audio and video files in the browser.

Moreover, media management tools in 1stBrowser also allow the users to go more social by keeping tabs on favorite social media sites, editing images, sharing and storing videos, also many more. The photo tool in it also comes in handy to help users edit, apply filters, and share the photos directly within their browser.

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The browser also enables the users to sync their settings like bookmarks and favorites between platforms.

  • Media Downloader

The most standout feature from this browser maybe is the Media Downloader. You can find this tool in the right corner on the top of the screen. This tool is always active. So, whenever you open a site and find a video or image, the tool will show the pop-up button to give you the option whether you want to download it or not.

Furthermore, this download tool offers a range of options. You can choose to only save the audio or videos. Or, you can also apply some filters to images before download it. To make easier access, it put in a media tab for reference to keep everything together.

What Can You Expect from 1st Browser?

For security options, it offers special antivirus and malware protection to allow users to surf and navigate the web with comfort. There are “Antivirus” and “Adblocker” extensions to give warns over suspicious sites, so users can get a safer browsing experience.

Although you have expected those great features some features will come out in the next version, not the latest version yet. To be able to experience them fully, you need to wait for a little bit. However, if you like the customizable browser to meet your own personal preference, it is one of the best options out there.