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Download AbiWord Latest Version for Windows, Mac & Linux – It is a free and open source software word processor. The name “AbiWord” comes from the root of the Spanish word which is “Abierto” that means “open”. Developed by AbiSource, AbiWord was released initially on December 1, 1998. It was originally started by SourceGear Corporation as the first part of AbiSuit. Then, then the open source developers adopted this software after SourceGear changed its business focus.


AbiWord is now running on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, ReactOS, Solaris, AmigaOS4.0, MeeGo, Maemo QNX and other operating systems. It shows that the existence of AbiWord is unquestionable as well as its use as an open source software.

Now let’s have a look at its features to make you sure about AbiWord.

AbiWord General Information

Most basic word processing features are exactly supported by AbiWord. Those basic features are lists, indents, and character formats, and other sophisticated features which are styles, tables, page headers and footers, templates, multiple-views, footnotes, page column, spell checking and grammar checking. These features are all very useful and complete to support you in producing a good document.

There is also a collaboration between AbiWord and, the Web-based service which has a function to allow you and many users to work on the same document in the real-time and full of synchronization.

This software also serves you the “screen-sized” pages. It is the presentation view of AbiWord dealing with the easy display of presentation. You must notice that you may not find this feature in other word processors.

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AbiWord usually comes to work similarly to the classic versions of Microsoft Word. The interface of this software is actually aimed to follow user interface guidelines for each platform.

File Formats

As an open-source software, AbiWordtypically imports and exports filters which provide a partial support for the formats such as HTML, Microsoft Word, Office Open XML, Open Document Text, Rich Text Format, and Text Documents. Meanwhile, for export, LaTex is available.

AbiWord Latest Version
AbiWord Latest Version

Other formats which support AbiWord is WordPerfect documents along with the availability of plug-in filters. For the native file format, AbiWord uses XML in order to decrease vendor lock-in concerns.

Grammar Checking

Grammar checking is one of the most important features that a software must provide. AbiWord provides a US Grammar Checking plug-in by using Link Grammar. This feature is provided by AbiWord before another open-source word processor. This is how you could see that AbiWord does exist with its best features for you before another software of word processor comes.

The Link Grammar provided by this software consists of syntax and an open source parser that belongs to AbiWord’s project at this time.


Finally, we can come to the conclusion that AbiWord is one of the recommended word processor software. Due to its features, AbiWordserves what you need dealing with working out the documents so that you will get the expected result.