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Download Adobe AIR Latest Version for Windows and Mac – Adobe AIR stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). This application is created by Adobe which is a cross-operating runtime application. This application is needed when you want to develop desktop or mobile applications. This app uses an ActionScript 3 programming language with Adobe Flash technology as well as a combination of HTML 5, CSS and Javascript with WebKit technology. The first version of this app and its SDK (Software Development Kit) was first released on February 25, 2008. The first version of this app is called as Apollo. The next version which is version 2.7 released on 14 June 2011.

Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR

Recently, the Adobe developer team has announced that this app can be compatible with the most popular operating system which is Android. With such compatibility, people who work as application developers can use Flash Builder or Flash Professional CS5 with this Adobe app too. They can create an interesting app. Moreover, the app developers can use both old and new code to build Air app for Android.

Some Advantages of Adobe AIR

  1. Since this app is a cross-platform, this Adobe app can run on Windows, Mac OSX, Android, and iOS as well.
  2. Because this app uses Flash technology, the user can create a unique and differentiated look. You can also add animation, sound, and video as well.
  3. Free SDK and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is also free. So, if the user wants to build applications with this Adobe app then they do not need to pay.
  4. This app also supports SQLite database which is a database that does not require a server to run it.
  5. AIR Native Extensions allow the user to connect to this Adobe app with other programming languages to perform certain tasks.
  6. This app supports 2D and 3D.
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Adobe AIR Latest Version
Adobe AIR Latest Version

To create an application with Adobe AIR, the user needs

  • SDK

A Software Development Kit or Packages provided to create an app by using this Adobe app. This package is provided by Adobe and it is free.

  • IDE

An Integrated Development Environment is a Software used to build programs, ranging from the text editor to writing script, compilation, debug and many more. There are many IDE options for this Adobe app such as Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Flash Builder which are Software Paid. If you want free software, you can use FlashDevelop. In addition, this Adobe app can also be compiled via command line (CMD).

Some Disadvantages of Adobe AIR

  1. There are many people who think that Adobe Flash is only for animation. However, this app which uses Flash technology can be used to develop an app. So, there are many people think that this Adobe app is just to create animation only.
  2. Less well known in some countries. So, if there is a problem with the app, the user will have to find the solution on their own or look at forums abroad on the internet. This can be bothering some people.
  3. The choice of database is limited. So, the solution is to create AIR Native Extension to perform processing to another database.

That’s the review for Adobe Air, we hope that it helps you to know more about the software.