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Download AkelPad Latest Version for Windows – AkelPad is a small and extended text editor designed for the Windows family of operating system. AkelPad can also be able to run under Wine, an application which enables the users to run Windows Apps on the Unix-like system such as Linux. The author of this software said that the program of this software is able to replace standard Notepad and possesses a lot of features that are not mentioned in NotePad.

As a text editor, AkelPad was initially released on August 12, 2003, which is 16 years ago. Written in C, it operates on Windows along with the size of 400 KB (executable) and 1150 KB (installer). This software is available in English, Russian, and 20 other languages by using languages module.


Compared to Notepad, AkelPad is best described to be more powerful with the use of available plugins. This kind of software displays the text using a specifically designed control named AkelEdit, the replacement for Windows’ Rich Edit control.

AkelPad Features

The features of AkelPad would be best described on the following detail:


SDI stands for single document interface. It is also a tabbed multiple document interface modes. It is useful to be used to switch more often between separate application than among other windows of one application.


Drag and drop is a pointing device gesture in which its users are able to choose a virtual object by grabbing it dragging it to the different location. It is a fast and easy-to-learn feature to support a software so that the user can easily drag and drop.

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Text Selection

It is also completed by text selection feature in which the users can choose whether they want to use horizontal text (by lines) or vertical text (by columns).


The extensibility feature is also available in AkelPad as an additional functionality through numerous plugins. This is functioned to extend a system and the grade of effort required to apply for the extension.

Works With The Large Files

Although a computer sometimes has a very limited memory, however, AkelPad provides the users the ability to work with the large files. This is good when you are working editing documents in a big file.

AkelPad Latest Version
AkelPad Latest Version

Print Preview and Color Printing

Related with the printing options, it also provides you features of print preview and color printing. This way, you can be able to look up how your documents look before printing them. Just simply click the print preview and you will be able to see your documents preview.

Color printing is also possible. AkelPad makes you possible to have the color printing through the feature of color printing. Well, this is one of the good news, right?

Read-Only Editing Mode

AkelPad offers read-only editing mode in order to prevent accidental document alteration. This is very useful and helpful for editing job you are running on.


As the bottom line, I may say that AkelPad is a good text editor due to its useful features above. Accordingly, it will be best used for the users who are working on editing big files.

Download AkelPad Latest Version