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License Freeware
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Download Ant Renamer Latest Version for Windows – A computer device, such as a laptop, is used more frequently these days compared to the old days when the typewriter was still in used. Using the computer, it is easier to create documents; to undo or redo the words and then to save the file to a folder. In a time of stress or when it is just not possible to think of a name, documents or any other type of files are stored in unnamed folders. Yes, managing folders will include naming them with appropriate words to help us find them quickly. But it can be a daunting task when folders owned in the device is more than hundreds. This is when Ant Renamer comes to help.

Ant Renamer
Ant Renamer

What is Ant Renamer?

Ant is an insect that bites the skin and leaves a red mark. Some of its kind is very small that we barely see it. This small size may become the inspiration for the application that the app is able to crawl amongst files and folders like a small and that can enter a tiny gap without any difficulties. While ‘renamer’ is the app’s specific job that is to ‘rename’. Ant Renamer, which only works on Windows OS, appears with a simple, handy and easy-to-navigate interface. From this fact alone, a lot of users will love this app tremendously.

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How To Use Ant Renamer

Ant Renamer Latest Version
Ant Renamer Latest Version

Using the app is as easy as finding an ant in a white paper. The interface is designed for easy navigation. We all know that that is alone will save users time and effort, because some applications out there provide users with complicated and complex tools which require for training and step-by-step guidance from a lot of YouTube videos. But this app, Ant Renamer, has helped you to lose that part of the process. You will not be feeling stressed out when trying to figure out the options and tools provided in the pane.

Directions given to use the app are easily understood as well. All you have to do is simply to drag the files intended to be re-named to the Files pane. On the left side of the pane, there are many available functions which you can select based on your need; the pane is called the Action Pane. Ant Renamer provides a lot of functions, such as string replacement and changing extensions. In this software, users can do multiple renaming tasks together. Before saving the changes, there is an opportunity to preview the results in the Files pane.