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Download ApowerRecover Latest Version for Windows & Mac – ApowerRecover is a free software that is very good for file recovery. This software has 2 free and pro versions. The app supports several NTFS file systems, namely + EFS, FAT, NTFS. This app can work on removable media such as flash disk, memory card, and hard drive. It can filter files too. For example, you are searching but you only want to search for image files. This software is used for data recovery and it is very easy to use.

ApowerRecover Logo
ApowerRecover Logo

This file recovery software is a program to recover data that supports FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS. It makes it easy for you to find partitions automatically, even if FAT has been deleted or corrupted. You can also be recovering files without changing existing data and even reporting files when they don’t exist. It is one of the best data recovery programs with easy usage and attractive appearance.

How to Use ApowerRecovery Software

How does this software work? This app works by scanning every drive that is on Windows, there is an advanced option if you need it. Just like another program, this app will scan your PC to know which and how much files that you’ve been deleted from this PC. After that, the result will show and you can choose the files that you want to restore.

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This app can restore many files like photos and PDF files. So, the chance of restoring your files will be high as well. After choosing the files, you just have to click “Restore” The process will be done in a while. The larger the size, the longer the process will be. There will be a new window appear which means that the restoring process is done successfully.


ApowerRecover software has the Quick Start Wizard feature that will make it easier for beginners to restore lost files. It also has a portable version that you can run without having to install it. You can store the file and use it from your USB flash drive or other storage media by using this app.

Moreover, there is also a feature where you can delete your data permanently to avoid someone using your file recklessly. The method is easy, just delete the data you want to delete permanently, then run the app and search for the deleted document. Right-click the document and select “Secure Overwrite”. That way, data will not be able to be raised again by recovery software, including this app. ApowerRecover can be used in almost all versions of Windows.