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Download Autopsy Forensic Browser Latest Version for Windows, Mac OS & Linux – In the world of Networking, of course, you need a support tool in your work, lots of good tools that will certainly be very useful in helping your work in the world of networking. And today we will discuss Autopsy Forensic Browser which is very useful for those of you who are involved in the world of Networking. It is a network management application that is capable of analyzing performance in a network and can analyze traffic in a network itself. This browser can also capture packets of data or information that runs in a visible network and all types of information can be used easily analyzed by using sniffing. If you can find out what is sniffing then you will be able to take over someone else’s account.

Autopsy Forensic Browser
Autopsy Forensic Browser

Analyzing Your PC with Autopsy Forensic Browser

This app is also a network management application. The app is able to scan a network and help to analyze the network. This application is based on GUI (User Interface Graph). The network host is displayed in a red circle of varying sizes and corresponds to the “Variable Node Size” setting in the Preferences section. While the traffic between hosts is described with colored lines according to the type of protocol used. Users can also choose and set protocol modes monitored, such as Ether, IP, TCP, Token Ring, FDDI, and more.

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Autopsy Forensic Browser is also able to analyze hard disk usage. The longer the use of hard drive, of course, the available space (free space) will be smaller. Now when this happens and we cannot buy a new hard drive, we need to “clean up” to delete unnecessary data and that may meet our hard drive. To do this we can use free software to analyze the following hard drive usage.


This free and open source software is lightweight and easy to use the application to analyze hard drive usage. We just choose the drive or folder that we will analyze. After the scanning process is complete, we can see the use of hard drives that can be sorted or viewed based on the largest data size, the most number of them, and the most file extensions stored on the hard drive. An app is a software for analyzing the use of hard disks with more complete features. Thus, we can choose and delete data that is not important or no longer used that meets the hard drive. This software can be used on various operating systems.