Download Avant Browser Latest Version

Developer Avant Force
License Freeware
Size 30 MB
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Download Avant Browser Latest Version – From various web browsers, Avant Browser comes out as one of the competitive alternatives that offer several elements in a single app. Recently Avant Force developed the latest version of the browser with 2018 built 1 version. Let’s find out more details about the features from this browser in the following.

Avant Browser
Avant Browser

Avant Browser Key Features

When you want to use this browser on your device, these following features can help you to consider.

  • The crash-free tabbed browsing experience

This browser supports reliable tabbed browsing with the crash free feature. So, when one tab fails to load, it won’t make the browser or other pages freezing. This multi-processing design offers more reliable browsing experience with faster load speed.

  • More secure online experience

There is a Private Mode in Avant Browser that allows users to do browsing activities without worry about being recorded or accessed by others. Moreover, there is also customizable ad-blocker to help eliminate ads, pop-ups, and other unwanted visual distractions. The ad-blocker is also useful to block flash ads that hog the bandwidth simply by a couple of clicks. Actually, the browser itself is a freeware browser that you won’t find ads, spyware, virus, and malware.

Avant Browser Latest Version
Avant Browser Latest Version
  • RSS Reader

Avant Browser provides an integrated RSS reader that can easily switch in Outlook headline mode or full-expanded mode. Now, users don’t need to constantly visit their favorite sites and blogs to get latest posts because RSS Reader will keep them up-to-date. Moreover, if you use Avant Browser on more than one device, you use online bookmarking service so you can access the saved websites from any device.

  • Multi-tasking functionality
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Split view in the browser provides multitasking functionality, so users can easily view different websites at the same time. For example, users can watch video on YouTube while posting pictures on social media in split view interface. The customizable interface layout in this browser is supported by split view adds.

Not only split view, this browser also offers two-reading modes. First, users can open the browser in Full-Screen mode which showing the toolbar in auto-hidden. Second, users can open the browser in Alternative Full Desktop Mode.

  • Download feature

When you want to download any files including images and videos, you can depend on Download Accelerator feature. This built-in multi-thread downloader allows you to download and manage them much faster. For video downloads, Avant Browser will quickly detect the video while you are browsing. You can download the videos simply by single clicking.

Does Avant Browser Worth to Try?

Overall, this browser offers nice built-in features and customizations options as mentioned above. Start from personalizing the interface, download videos, multi-tasking, to browsing in private mode, Avant Browser doesn’t lack behind. Moreover, this browser offers the lowest memory usage on Windows platform with no memory leaks to improve the performance.

So, if you want an alternative web browser than the top popular one, this browser can be your next option. Moreover, if you are looking for Microsoft-based internet browser, this is the answer.