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This antivirus was launched over a dozen years ago. It used to be an open source toolkit or UNIX servers that focused on scanning all email attachments. The anti-virus technology of ClamXav is wrapped neatly in this mac antivirus app that is very easy to use. It used to be available for free. However, today it is available for one-time pricing so it’s still worth considering!

When you are about to install ClamXav, be prepared for multi-step methods. The good thing is, you can download and launch the product as a 30-day free trial so you can decide whether this product is worth every bit of penny you are about to spend or not. Upon installation, you will be prompted to install the scanning engine as well as update anti-virus definitions. This may take a few minutes. Then, you should use a link provided by the company in order to register your license key. Though the whole process is by no means laborious, it still takes longer than the installation of many competing products on the market right now.


ClamXav: What does it entail?

This program is all about the scans. Even if you are not an IT professional, you will find it to be fairly easy to use the app thanks to its simple interface. The source list available at the left corner includes the whole computer, user folder, and files along with documents, downloads and desktop. On the other hand, if you see buttons on top, just know they serve to stop, start and pause the scanning process of the chosen source. Meanwhile, the toolbar across the top can be used to check for updates, update logs, view scans as well as set your own preferences.

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ClamXav Pricing

Thankfully, this app has a very generous pricing scheme for home users. The company doesn’t offer annual subscription, thankfully. With a one-time payment program, you can get your hands on ClamXav for just $ 29.95. This price already allows you to install protection on literally every macOS device you have in your household. That’s why, if you are tight on a budget but are in dire need of anti-virus tool to protect your devices, then this is the highly recommended cost-effective way you should consider.

However, this tool does not offer filtering option for fraudulent or malicious websites, but for such an affordable product, this anti-virus protection program is compatible with all macOS versions all the way back to Snow Leopard (10.6). Just an FYI, ClamXav is already Lab-certified its effectiveness for Mac malware protection.

ClamXav Latest Version
ClamXav Latest Version


If you are looking for an anti-virus protection tool that can scan for malware on access, on demand, and on schedule with a straightforward user interface then ClamXav is your answer!