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One of the problems for computer users both beginners and professionals who use computers daily is accidentally deleting certain files or folders. Maybe you have experienced something like this yourself. You don’t need to worry, because there are many ways to restore deleted files. You can use data recovery software to get your files backs. The software is called DiskWarrior. This app can function as recovery and repair software. This is a recommended software if you have a MAC computer.

DiskWarrior Logo
DiskWarrior Logo

How to Restore and Repair Data with DiskWarrior

One of the advantages of this app that we are capturing is its simple form with a graphic user interface that is very easy to understand, as well as buttons that are also easy to run. This will certainly make it easier for novice users. The app has very effective and efficient features, high scanning speed, high recovery rates, clear and easy GUI, as well as the Deepscan feature.

The first time you run this application, you will be given a recovery wizard view. Then you will be given a choice of the type of file you want to restore. Some of the options offered by this application are images, documents, compressed files, e-mail, and several other file options. By choosing a specific file type, this application will work automatically to search the file in a focused manner.

In addition, you can also order DiskWarrior to search for your deleted files in certain specific folders or locations. You can even order this application to do a deep scan of your computer, with a much longer time of course. Click start and let your computer work. After successfully finding the file, this application will then show each file that can be returned. Even each file will be given a rating depending on the condition when it was found. Finished!

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DiskWarrior Latest Version
DiskWarrior Latest Version

The app also offers applications that have a GUI that is very easy to understand even for beginners. You just click the type of file that you want to restore and where the file is from, and then you click the scan. We really recommend you to use this app for your MAC because of its speed in scanning files. In addition, this app also gives you an estimate of recoverability, aka the possibility of restoring files will succeed or will fail if applied to the file. This is very recommended especially for those of you who are looking for speed, effectiveness, and ease of use.

Moreover, DiskWarrior has a feature to recover files from large drives. This app can even restore files from drives that are more than 2TB, which most recovery tools do not have. In general, the app works by giving you control to select the drive where you store your file, and the app will then identify the entire partition with the clearest choice. If successful, you will be given a look similar to Windows Explorer where there are many files that you can then choose to restore. In conclusion, DiskWarrior is a great tool for recovering and repairing files that are deleted, formatted and damaged.