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Data on a computer is very diverse. Have we ever searched for files that we need but the file is lost, or accidentally deleted and has entered the recycle bin? Many indicators cause the file to disappear without a trace. But the main indicator is accidentally deleted. Media that is often done to search for data or files that are lost are media hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards. For this reason, data recovery must be done using the best recovery application. For example, there is a memory card that accidentally deletes important files. Well, after a while looking for ways to restore it, it turns out only with recovery software can restore the lost file easily. That’s why we will talk about DMDE or DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery.


Get to Know DMDE

DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery is a useful application for data recovery such as PDF documents or photos. This software is very easy to use. To use this app, it will scan every drive that is in your Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Moreover, this data recovery app has many advanced options if you need it. This data recovery app can identify more files on the testing engine than most other software. And can recover partitions that are lost for some reason.

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DMDE is also a free file recovery software. This software is easy to use and has the best wizard to help you undelete files that I have seen in any file recovery application. This data recovery app will undelete files from the hard drive, memory card, and others. Almost anything that can save files can be undeleted. DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery can recover not only ‘ordinary’ files but also archives, hidden, system, rare, encrypted and compressed files. Recover images, documents, movies, or other types of files can be recovered as well. This app can run on Microsoft, such as Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, 8, 10, Mac OS, and Linux.

DMDE Latest Version
DMDE Latest Version

The system requirements to install this app are Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, 4 Mb empty hard drive, 233 MHz processor, and 64 Mb RAM. To use this app, the program will scan every drive on your PC. It is also scanning Recycle Bin. After the scanning process is done, you will see the result of your deleted data. Then, you can give the check to the data that you want to recover. After that, click “Recover”. Wait for the recovery process to be done. This can take several minutes, depends on the size of the file. Finally, you deleted files can be recovered with DMDE.