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Doctor Web Ltd developed a portable antimalware tool called Dr.Web CureIt!. This program can run express scans to detect and neutralize threats. Just like any reliable and superb anti-malware tools, this one also features a quarantine manager. We’ll tell you why this reliable removal utility is powerful at doing its job. Read on to find out!

Dr.Web CureIt!
Dr.Web CureIt!

Dr.Web CureIt! Features

Portability Perks and Clear-Cut UI

This tool is designed to render on-demand scans and remove adware, viruses, spyware as well as rootkits. It doesn’t guarantee round-the-clock computer protection but it can run as a secondary protection against e-threats however! To do this, you need to pair the tool with the real-time guard of another anti-virus product for there will be no software conflict leading to OS stability problems.

Moreover, since the Dr.Web CureIt! does not require any setup beforehand, you are provided with two ways to get this program running. First, you can save it in any part of the hard disk. Second, you can store it on a pen drive and then run regular check-ups directly on other computers without so much as having to install anything. To top it off, this app doesn’t modify your Windows registry settings so you don’t have to worry about any unnoticed change. When it comes to the interface bit, the software adopts a simple yet elegant look which still highlights the functionality and does not focus on visual elements.

Fast Scans with Configurations

The express mode is the only scanner type available in the software utility that also comes with pre-defined settings provided by the one and only Dr.WEB CureIt!. The scanner will look in popular places for any malware infiltrations like the Windows directory. Don’t worry though because you still can personalize the scanning behavior as far as the object types such as rootkits, system restore points, and the target locations are concerned! For every type of threat found, the tool can make a move defined by yourself such as moving infections to the quarantine right away or attempting to fix them. Add to that it is also possible to include archives, installation packages, and email in the scan or create exclusions. And what about if you want to manage the quarantine, indicate the logging level or examine log information? Well, you sure can!

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Overall Performance

As far as the performance is concerned, this tool has been proven to be able to provide great virus detection ability. Note that, it may take quite long for the tool to finish its scanning job but this does not exclude the disk size factors and scan configuration. This is not such a big negative side of this program though for there are still many casual and even advanced users who resort to this tool for frequent malware scans and use it alongside a main real-time guard. You should implement this combination too in order to make sure that you have maximum PC protection against any web threat.

Dr.Web CureIt! Latest Version
Dr.Web CureIt! Latest Version


Despite the fact that this is created by a Russian developer but this tool will automatically detect the language on the operating system that you are using and will set the scanner interface accordingly. There you have it, folks! The Dr.Web CureIt! really does live up to its expectations, right?