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Etcher is an application that works to burn or make bootable installation media. By using this app, you can create bootable media using USB and SD card or memory card. The app is created using Javascript, HTML, Node.js technology, as well as using the Electron framework. This app has good interfaces that make it very convenient to use. Interfaces from the software are also very simple, allowing the users to easily use the app. For your information, the app has good ability. The app is capable enough of making the bootable media 50% faster and it can create multiple bootable media at once at the same time.

Etcher Logo
Etcher Logo

How to Use Etcher to Create Bootable USB?

By using this app, you will also be protected from the mistake of choosing a device that can make you format your hard drive. This app also ensures every bit of data is well written. This app is an open source and cross-platform app. You can use this app on various operating systems such as Windows, OS X, and Linux. For Linux, you can install the app by using the AppImage file. Download the App image file from the official website of this app. Download the AppImage file according to the type of system that you use.

Etcher Latest Version

As for other operating systems, there are two versions of Etcher which are 32 bit systems and 64 bit systems. Download the app with the suitable version according to the operating system that you use. Wait for the download process to complete. The downloaded file will be in the Downloads file and compressed in Zip format. Since the file is in the Downloads folder, go to the Downloads folder and extract the file. Wait for the extract to finish. If there is a question “Do you want to install this app on your device?” And so on, choose YES. Wait until the installation process is complete and make sure there is no error during the installation process. You can start using Etcher to create bootable media using USB Flashdisk or SD card in your device.

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Etcher Main Features

Some of the features are Dr.Web Antivirus, F-Secure Rescue CD, and Kaspersky Rescue Disk which will remove malware from Windows installations. NT Password which is a utility that can reset Windows password and can edit the registry. Gujin which is a graphical bootloader that can also be used to boot various media and operating systems.If the installation process is complete and successful. Smart Boot Manager (SBM), which can boot off CD-ROM and floppy drive on your computer with a faulty BIOS. FreeDOS, which can run BIOS flash and other legal DOS utilities.