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Today, a computer is already equipped with a large storage space. However, there still many people who decide to archive the large files in order to make it smaller so the drive keeps spacious and well ordered. On the other hand, you guys probably have ever found the collection of files or the largest files are accommodated in an archive file. Those can be in assorted format files and you need a particular software which capable to open. There are lots of software you can choose actually but, if your computer employs a GNOME environment then the best choice is laying to File Roller. The software created by Paolo Bachilega is a graphical interface to archived functions which will be a benefit for you. Thus, it is very recommended to be installed on your GNOME-based laptop.

File Roller Logo
File Roller Logo

File Roller Features

Here, the best features of File Roller that you should know:

Carry a Simple Interface

The stand out feature than all of us can see is the interface design of it. It is looked very simply so everyone will be comfortable whenever to use it. However, the layout scheme is a little bit different from other software. It provides control buttons for a new archive, opening an archive, adding files to an archive that has already opened, as well as extracting all of the parts of overt files. Yet, the beneath there are a few navigational buttons so you can hold your bearing while driving to the archive. Moreover, you are also allowed to view as the folder to each archived file so it is simply looked like a listing of files. So, are you still distrust to install this wonderful software?

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Support Amount Formats

Consider this feature so you may interest in installing File Roller. Alright, this kind of software will let you to create, open, and edit so many archived file formats. Looking into the website of File Roller, it is revealed that there are around 22 formats that can work with File Roller. It includes tar archives, zip, iso, cpio, ar, arj, ace, alz, 7z, cab, deb, jar, ear, war, lha, rar, cbr, rpm, Stuffit archives, cbz, zoo, and single file gzip, bzip, bzip2, compress, lzip, lzop, rzip, xz. It is of course very useful for you whenever you download a file in those formats, you can just simply click and extract it.

File Roller Latest Version
File Roller Latest Version

Keep Your Files Safe

The best feature that File Roller own is it will make your files safe anytime. It is because File Roller enables you to encrypt the archive by inserting a package whether when you are creating an archived file or anytime thereafter. Accordingly, it works to protect your files absolutely. Additionally, you can also do test the integrity of the archived files so you may filter them. It is not necessary but worthwhile anyway.

File Roller contributes to add your files to specified archive, extract to the folder you want, and create destination folder without asking confirmation. Therefore, it is suggested to you who utilize Gnome standard. Yet, it also works to GTK interface based.