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Developer Graeme Gott
License Free
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FocusWriter is a full-screen writing program which is simple and has free-distraction writing environment. It has a hide-away interface that is accessible by moving your mouse to the screen edges. This allows the program to have common look so that you will feel comfortable and immerse yourself in the work.

FocusWriter is running on Linux, Windows and Mac OS completed by many different languages. The best thing you may get from this software is the very successful distraction-free writing environment. you can actually customize the writing screen by the change of the fonts, colors and background images to make a personalization.


Some features of FocusWriter which you can see as the best things are as follows:

A Unique Concept

The approach used by FocusWriter is unique due to the availability of the best of the two worlds. These make you able to get a familiar look and feel. All of the interfaces might be invisible unless you navigate through them. When you think you don’t necessarily need to see them, all you need to do is just keep writing on the screen.

Optional Auto-Save

The next nice feature of FocusWriter is the optional Auto-save. This feature enables you to automatically save your typing on the desired document so that you don’t have to worry about losing your data if your PC suddenly turned off. This is one of what most people are looking for from a software to maintain their working data which may be very important.

Word Count Adjustment

Word count adjustment offers the ability of FocusWriter to adjust Word Count by including the characters and the numbers of paragraphs. You will also be able to set the average word count to fill a paragraph to get the right and accurate estimation. This option may not be useful for business tasks, however, it is a much useful feature that a word processor could offer.

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Spell-Check Function

This software also provides spell-check function which is very helpful to have the right spelling. It uses Hunspell as the spelling engine so that you don’t have to worry about having the wrong word spelling. You will be able to make use of this function well.

FocusWriter Latest Version
FocusWriter Latest Version

Multi-Document Support

It provides multi-document support to enhance the application to be more useful as an everyday writing tool. The tabbed interface is used on the pop-up bottom panel. In this case, each file appears in a tabbed screen. Just move from one tab to another by simply clicking on the named tab.


Other functionalities offered by FocusWriter includes some additional features which seem out-of-place on a desktop or laptop application such as the optional sound effects of a typewriter, timer, alarm, and daily goals. Perhaps, these functions might not be useful, however, some other users feel that they need such functions to cheer up themselves in writing.


Overall, you may conclude that FocusWriter provides many functionalities that most people need in writing the document. The Auto-save and the multi-document support, as well as other functionalities, are much beneficial and helpful.