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There are many ways we can do to optimize the performance of our windows both by Tweaking the Registry and using certain software such as TuneUp Utilities and others. But in this post at this time what we want to share is how to optimize Windows using the Glary Utilities Software, which works almost the same as TuneUp Utilities but is lighter and full power. The latest version of this app is free but if you want this software to become a Pro with some of its advantages, you just need to enter the Name and Serial.

Glary Utilities
Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is software that can perform maintenance on the Windows operating system properly. The application provides various tools to repair computers that are slowing down, rearranging the registry and falling apart and shortening the start-up time that is getting longer. This application is provided by 5 operating systems which are:

  1. Clean & Repair
  2. Optimize & Improve
  3. Privacy & Security
  4. Files & Folders
  5. System tools

How to Use Glary Utilities

  1. Download this app first
  2. To start the optimization process, click the 1-Clik Maintenance tab and click the Scan for Issues button. For those of you who frequently use the Internet, you should give a Track Eraser checkmark.
  3. After the Scan process takes place a notification will appear about what files need to be filled. For example, you will be given a result where there are some invalid registry entries and some space of hard disk space filled with temporary files.
  4. Click the Repair Problems button to fix the problem found.
  5. In the Modules tab of this program contains several modules that you can use according to your needs both for cleaning & repair, optimization, privacy & security, files & folders, and system tools.
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Based on many users’ experience, they run this program every 3 days and their computer are fine until now even though they often install and uninstall programs continuously which sometimes have corrupt installation files, try new programs almost every day, and keep online.

The 1-Click maintenance on Glary Utilities is very useful since it has:

  1. Registry Cleaner: (to clear registry or correct incorrect or valid registry entries)
  2. Shortcuts fixer: (to clear valid shortcut files)
  3. Spyware remover: (clears dangerous entries that may be active during windows startup)
  4. Disk repair: (to fix temporary files)
  5. Tracks Eraser: (to delete our tracks after we play with the internet)
  6. Temporary files cleaner: (to clean temporary files that temporarily fulfill values)
  7. Startup manager: (to manage programs that run at startup)
Glary Utilities Latest Version
Glary Utilities Latest Version

Some advanced tools from this app are:

  1. Clean & Repair which includes disk Cleaner (cleaning temporary files)
  2. Optimize & Improve which includes startup managers (managing programs that run at startup)
  3. Privacy & Security which includes track eraser (removing traces left by a web browser)
  4. Files & folders which includes disk analysis (showing statistics of files and folders stored on the disk)
  5. System tools which include the manager process (managing the process that is running)

With this tools, that’s why Glary Utilities used by many people.

Download Glary Utilities Latest Version