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GNU Emacs is a text editor which is very popular and ported. Found by Richard Stallman, this software is created by the GNU project. Among other varieties of Emacs, GNU Emacs is extensible using a using complete programming language.

This software is considered as the most powerful text editor which is available today. It is because of its ability to display files in multiple characters sets. It also displays most human languages since 1999. Initially released on March 20, 1985, which is about 33 years ago, GNU Emacs is written in Emacs Lisp and running on Unix-like, Windows, Mac, and MS-DOS. This software is available only in English.

GNU Emacs
GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs Features

On this page, we are going to inform you about some reasons why GNU Emacs make sense to be your text editor. Simply scroll down the page to find out.

Normal Commands

GNU Emacs typically has normal commands such as save-buffer and save-buffers-kill-emacs which are combined with multiple modified keystrokes. This is normal for editing mode. It works well as other text editor and allows you to insert characters using corresponding keys and arrow keys.

Some commands of GNU Emacs work by invoking an external program such as a spell for spell-checking. Besides, it also supports inferior processes which are very long-live to interact with Emacs buffer.


Minibuffer is used by this text editor to present status and request information. This feature holds information such as text to target in a search or the file name to save or read. When the Minibuffer is applicable, command line completion will be available using the tab and space keys.

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File Management and Display

Emacs typically stores the text in data structures called ‘Buffers’. However, these buffers may not appear on the screen. All of the buffers features can be accessed to both an Emacs Lisp program and to the interface of the users. In this case, you can create new buffers and dismiss unwanted ones. Thus, you can manage your file and display well.

Split The Editing Area

Emacs has the ability to split the editing area into separate sections called “Windows”. Emacs window has a status bar called ‘mode line’ which is displayed by default at the bottom edge of the window. Emacs windows are provided both in the text terminal and graphical modes and permit more than one buffer.

GNU Emacs Latest Version
GNU Emacs Latest Version

Syntax Highlighting

GNU Emacs offers also a syntax highlighting in which you can combine fonts and colors to differentiate document elements like keywords and comments.

Automatic Indentation

Automatic indentation is also available in GNU Emacs. It is very useful to maintain the consistent formatting within a file. Thus, you can be able to take care of your file formats.

Automatic Insertion

Another reason why GNU Emacs make sense is the automatic insertion. It is required by the structure of the document such as spaces, newlines, and parentheses.


Conclusively, it is very clear that GNU Emacs quite makes sense to adopt as your text editor. The seven reasons must have inspired you to pick it up soon.

Download GNU Emacs Latest Version