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When you want to do data recovery, you don’t know which software is the best. Because on the internet there are many types of data recovery applications. So, what is the most appropriate data recovery application? We recommend you a very good software which is Handy Recovery. Why do we recommend it? Next, we explain the most basic reasons why this application is so good for your PC.

Handy Recovery Logo
Handy Recovery Logo

Best Data Recovery Software: Handy Recovery

Compared to similar software, this app has a fairly high rating. Just try searching on Google with the keyword “data recovery software”, then the name of this software will enter on the first page, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. More specifically, the advantages of this software include:

The advantages of Handy Recovery

  1. Able to restore data lost due to erased, formatted, corrupted media, virus attacks, operating systems that suddenly crash, RAW partition, partition loss, and other causes
  2. RAW Recovery Support
  3. Able to recover data from various storage media such as hard disks, flash disks, memory cards, mobile phones, music players, and so on
  4. Support various types of data, such as PDF, DOCX etc.
  5. Has Deep Scan mode for data that has long been lost
  6. Support Loss Partition Recovery

Based on these advantages, this data recovery application is one of the best and easiest. For those of you who have less budget, there is a free version of this software.

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Handy Recovery Latest Version
Handy Recovery Latest Version

How to use this app? After knowing the various advantages of this app, let’s demonstrate how to recover data using this application. If you want to recover damaged USB Flash drives, you need to install the software first. If you already installed the app, then let’s try to recover the damaged flash disk. For example, it is a 4GB USB Flash drives. You need to delete all data on the USB Flash drives. Since this is an example, we will delete the file first. For those of you who are experiencing data loss, there is no need to delete files. Block all data you want to delete, then Right-click and select Delete. Once deleted, our USB flash drive is empty. Then please do the data recovery process using Hand Recovery that you have previously installed. On the app, you will choose the file, folder, or disk that you want to recover. Click your USB Flash drives icon and wait for a while until the recovery process is done successfully. The steps are quite similar to recover other disks or files. This is a very useful app that you need to have on your PC.

Download Handy Recovery Latest Version