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Reason Software Company launched herdProtect which, to put it simply, is a scanner. This security software is the second line of defense malware scanning platform. This is a cloud-based portable scanner and you don’t need to install it first to get it running. As a result, because no installation is required whatsoever, the program won’t interfere with the existing anti-virus on your computer. Just like the title suggests, this program utilizes a ‘herd’ of various engines to ensure the widest coverage as well as earliest possible detection. If you still need more convincing before making your final verdict, read on to know more.

herdProtect: How does it work?

This scanning program does its job by monitoring all the active objects such as modules, processes, drivers, etc. on your computer along with the hundreds of autostart execution points, or ASEPs in short. Upon activation of the new objects like modules in the system, herdProtect will soon use a secured network tunnel and begin scanning the object for any malware against the engines of the top 68 anti-malware scanners. FYI, all processor intensive activities are performed independently on your PC due to the fact that the scanning process occurs in the cloud. What’s more is that various engines, as well as scoring algorithms, will make sure that the risk to deals with fake positives decreases significantly.


Given the fact that this is a cloud-based software, it’s pretty lightweight and does not have a remarkable impact on your PC system resources every time it’s running.

Then, by taking into account the aggregate results of the scan, you can proceed to take appropriate actions in order to keep your computer free from any known malware threats.

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Pros and Cons

Compare the pros and the cons and decide whether it’s still worth considering or not!

herdProtect Pros

  • This anti-malware scanner is a very powerful tool that can detect and get rid of a vast array of malicious threats from your PC system such as spyware, rootkits, Trojans, worms, and so many more.
  • herdProtect is a very reliable protection program with a high level of convenience for it can be used next to already-installed antivirus software you have. As a matter of fact, its reliability and accuracy are the most important benefits of this software because it relies on a cloud-based scanning technique and will analyze the PC system using 68 different anti-malware engines. That being said, the chances of malware to escape the scanning are minimum.
  • When it comes to scanning speed, it’s pretty decent too, especially when you take into account the fact that the software also has to upload snapshots of all scanned active files to the online cloud-based detection engine as well as download analysis reports.
  • Not only is it really easy to delete detected items, but it can also remove multiple useless malware at once.

herdProtect Cons

Since no single anti-malware program is flawless 100% of the time, this too possesses a disadvantage. Thankfully, there is only one downside of this program. It does not offer you real-time protection against new malware infections and can only render on-demand scans.

herdProtect Latest Version
herdProtect Latest Version


Considering the high level of accuracy it has, that one disadvantage should not deter you from getting this program. Moreover, given the fact that herdProtect is also available completely free, it’s still worth it anyway and definitely highly recommended!

Download herdProtect Latest Version