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Downloading files from the internet has been commonly done by many people for collecting information from different sources. There are lots of files on the internet to be downloaded with various type and size. Downloading large size files could be really time-consuming without using other application besides the internet browser. This is the reason why Internet Download Manager is needed for effective file download from any sources on the internet.

IDM (Internet Download Manager)
IDM (Internet Download Manager)

IDM stands for Internet Download Manager, an application used to make download process run faster up to 5 times and enabling some useful features like pausing and resuming download process and scheduling some download activities. IDM was developed by as a multi-functional download manager tool. IDM help a user to re-download some broken file parts due to some kind of problems like connection lost, power outages or sudden shutdown. It helps a user to recover and manage some download files more easily. The interface of this application is designed simply yet friendly to use. The best offer from IDM regarding its capacity to accelerate download process is this application can reuse any connection available to download a file at the fast speed without having to do some additional connection or login phase.

Any kind of files could be downloaded using Internet Download Manager such as a document, PDF File, mp3 audio and video. IDM is also compatible with different kinds of internet browser, for example, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and another popular internet browser. This wide range of compatibility makes IDM became a download manager that has lots of users in the world.

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IDM (Internet Download Manager) Latest Version Features

  • Dividing Download Process Into More Than One Stream

Internet Download Manager allowing the download process occurs in more than 1 stream. This feature makes the downloading process happens more quickly. This advantage makes the user can save a lot of time by downloading files using IDM.

  • Can Easily Export And Import Downloading Jobs

The interface of this application is really easy to understand and use. Internet Download Manager allows a user to easily do an export or import downloading job.

  • Enabling Download Queue And Download Scheduling.

Users could arrange a specific time to download a specific file from any sources. This helps a user to organize file downloading and makes the download process occur effectively.

IDM (Internet Download Manager) 2018
IDM (Internet Download Manager) 2018
  • Makes Video Download A Lot Easier

Internet user sometimes finds saving video files from the internet is a hard thing to do. In some cases, videos couldn’t be saved right away from the original site. Internet Download Manager helps the user by giving a direct saving option on a video streaming sites. The user can save any video just by a single click.

  • Support Multiple Internet Browsers

This downloader can be used in some different internet browsers. The user could organize the download process on several internet browsers with the same performances.

This internet manager gets a good review from users around the world. Internet Download Manager got a good reputation and given 4.1 out of 5 a rating by Softpedia. A representative from Softpedia stated that IDM is one of a ‘must have’ application for internet users.

Download IDM (Internet Download Manager)