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Developer ActiveState
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Did you know that Komodo Edit provides roles not only as a powerful editor but also smart features? If you are working on editing a big project, this software is the best choice ever. Komodo Edit is a free text editor for dynamic programming languages.  Although it was first introduced in January 2007 to the complement ActiveState’s commercial KOMODO IDE, it was initially released in November 2007 which is about 11 years ago.

Komodo Edit is written in C++, C, XUL, Perl, Python, JavaScript, and Tc. To provide the features, this software uses Mozilla and Scintilla code base. Meanwhile, the editor component is applied using the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI).

Komodo Edit
Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit Features

To help you code smarter and faster, check out the following parts of Komodo Edit which consist of the powerful editor and smart features.

Powerful Editor

To provide you an ease of editing, Komodo Edit has a powerful editor which leads you to the fast, fun and rewarding development.

  • Track Changes

Track changes will be shown up when you click a margin in the editor highlights unsaved changes. This way, the margin will show a diff dialog that enables you to revert changes.

  • Multiple Selections

The positions of “select multiple” is in the editor. Clicking it allows you make changes that will be reflected in all selected positions.

  • Quick Bookmarks

You can use the bookmarks more than just a reminder by placing the numeric bookmarks and go to them.

  • Smart Language Detection

Komodo Edit has a smart language detection through the ability of syntax checking and highlighting using multiple languages.

  • Split View and Multi-Window
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You may split a session to edit side by side or in multiple languages based on the availability of split view and multi-window.

Komodo Edit Latest Version
Komodo Edit Latest Version
  • Variable Highlighting

All of the occurrences can be seen by clicking on the variable.

  • Auto Abbreviation Snippets

You can actually type an abbreviation to trigger a snippet selection automatically.

Smart Features

Komodo Edit also gives you a chance to be more productive with smart features as follows:

  • Symbol Browser

You can quickly find the symbols across your project by the feature of the symbol browser.

  • Code Refactoring

The capabilities of smart code transformation consist of Rename, Variable, Rename Class Member, and Method Extraction.

  • Auto-Completion

Auto-completion offered by Komodo Edit really supports many languages and detects multiple languages within a file.

  • Soft Characters, Matching Braces

The soft characters can be applied along with the auto-insertion of braces and highlighting of matching braces as well as auto-indentation and auto-formatting.

  • 3rd Party Library Support

3rd party library includes API catalogs which allow you to automatically complete for libraries such as PyWin 32 and jQuery.

  • Section List

In Komodo Edit, you can view and filter a list of your functions, classes, and elements.


Out of the powerful editor and smart features of Komodo Edit, you may think that it is a good text editor in which the features can be functioned well to support your work with the editing job. Hopefully, this information will be helping your and useful for others, too. So don’t forget to consider Komodo Edit if you are looking for a text editor.

Download Komodo Edit Latest Version