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Lazesoft Recovery Suite is a data recovery application that has an interactive user interface. Similar to many other data recovery applications, this application will scan the drive, and after it’s finished you will see all deleted files such as pictures, documents, and more. The data recovery app is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/Mac OS. There is a way to restore deleted data on your PC by using the application. The data recovery application works similar to the way the Recycle Bin works on a computer in general. This app is one of the best applications that can be used to restore accidentally deleted files on your device. This app is also very easy to use thanks to the user-friendly interface. You can restore deleted data on your Android too by using this app.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite
Lazesoft Recovery Suite

This app is another alternative for data recovery applications in Windows and Mac OS. With this application, you can restore song data, images, movies, documents etc. The workings of this app are by scanning the hard drive first, and after scanning is complete, you can choose which files to return. Unfortunately, the format supported by this app is only FAT and NTFS. But for Windows users, this is very sufficient.

How to Use Lazesoft Recovery Suite

Here’s how to use this app to restore deleted data on your PC.

  1. Turn on your PC as a local admin. Before running the application, first, check what files are on the disk that we will scan
  2. Then delete the file that we will recover
  3. Lazesoft Recovery Suite and follow all installation instructions
  4. By default, options will be extracted as below, if you want to recover certain files we can choose by simply checking the file type
  5. Select the local drive to be restored
  6. After the scan has finished selecting the file or partition to be restored and then clicking recover
  7. Click ‘back’ to return to the previous view, which is the file or partition found
  8. Determine where the file you restore will be saved
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Lazesoft Recovery Suite Latest Version
Lazesoft Recovery Suite Latest Version
  1. To restore the partition structure as found, click Enter to continue then select RECOVER and YES to confirm.
  2. The recovery process is complete
  3. You can use your lost data again
  4. After the writing process of the hard disk partition is successful, you need to restart the system or disconnect the external hard disk first.
  5. There will be the option to write partition table back to disk
  6. Confirm write partition
  7. Reboot for change to take effect

Download Lazesoft Recovery Suite Latest Version