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The last but not least software you can take as an option for a text editor is Leafpad. Have you ever heard about it before? If not, let’s come to define it based on Wikipedia. Well, it is stated that Leafpad is an open source text editor designed for Linux, BSD, and Memo. It is created with a lightweight and minimal dependencies.

Designed to be simple and easy-to-compile, Leafpad is the default text editor available for LXDE Desktop environment which includes Lubuntu and Ubuntu. It was released initially on November 11, 2004, which was about 14 years ago. It is written in GTK+ and found by Tarot Osuji. This software is available in English, Esperanto, Galician, Catalan, French, and Hungarian.


Leafpad Features

Here are the useful basic features of Leafpad you can learn about:

Codeset Option

Codeset option is also well known as character encoding. It is best used to represent the repertoire of characters which have been done by certain types of the encoding system.

A character encoding plays an important role in data computation and storage as well as the textual data transmission.

Auto – detection

Auto-detection enables you to edit the files within the files of the character encoding sections. This function can be done automatically so that it will be easy for you to operate the editing.

Unlimited Undo and Redo

Leafpad provides the feature of unlimited undo and redo to enable you to perform your actions. In this way, you can undo almost all actions in the table. You can do it simply by pressing the Undo button on the toolbar. Then, you can also redo almost the actions by pressing the Redo button on the toolbar too.

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Leafpad Latest Version
Leafpad Latest Version

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop function is also available in this software. It is a kind of pointing device gesture in which you can select a virtual object by “grabbing” it as well as dragging it to a different spot. Generally, we can use Drag and Drop to invoke many kinds of actions or to create various types of association of the abstract object.

Display Line Number

Line numbers aren’t included to your code, they are available only for reference. However, if you want line number to print, you can select the Include Line Numbers checkbox which is located in the Print dialog box. To display the line number in the code, open the menu bar and choose tools option. Then, you can expand the text editor node, select both the node for the language and all languages to switch on line numbers.

Another way you can do to display line numbers is to type line number in the quickly launched box.


Although there are only five basic features we have just described above, make sure that Leafpad has more than five features to offer. Some features tend to be similar to the features of other text editors. Thus, these five basic features show that Leafpad is quite standard to accompany you working with the editing program.

Download Leafpad Latest Version