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People nowadays are having the more dynamic life that forces them to work from place to place. This condition makes IT professionals make an application called remote desktop software or tools to help control computer from any devices in any place all over the world.

This remote desktop software allows users to access computer and manage all the files without having to bring the PC itself. With an application, you can remove your PC from another device when you’re not able to get in the hand with your personal computer.

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LogMeIn Main Features

LogMeIn is a remote desktop tool that keeps you productive from anywhere. This modern technology enabling people to work without any boundaries as long as you get internet connections. Complete your work with all these features:

  • Remote your computer seamlessly

You can operate your office computer from home or anywhere you want. Your work will be as easy as you do in your office computer without any big difference. This allows you to finish your work from anywhere to increase your productivity.

  • Enable data sharing and storage

LogMeIn has 1 terabyte cloud storage space for you to store and share any files with your devices. You can share all the files with anyone by giving an authorized access.

  • High-quality remote sound

Not only document files, you can also play any audio from your remote computer. LogMeIn provides a high-quality sound when you stream any audio files to your speaker.

  • Mobile Access

This remote desktop application also can be accessed in mobile devices. You can control your remote PC from Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPad or iPhone. This feature makes works a lot easier to complete while you’re away.

  • Remote print
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You don’t have to worry when you need to print a file from your personal computer. LogMeIn has a remote print features to help you print any document needed from your remote PC right away with any printer near your place.

LogMeIn Latest Version
LogMeIn Latest Version
  • Keyboard locking

This feature is used to lock your PC keyboard from far away. This feature helps prevents any people access your computer by using your keyboard without your permission.

  • Control your computer real-time

With LogMeIn, you can access and control your remote computer in real time without delay. This helps to save your time and work efficiently from home.

  • Unlimited users

You can add as many users as you need to access specific computers. This feature gives you unlimited remote control of all the files in your work computer. Unlimited user features to make work a lot easier, not only for you but also for all your team members.

  • Monitoring and alerts

You will get notification and alert when an issue appears on your remote computer. This alert will appear real-time so you could get a solution done for the issues before they occur.

LogMeIn with all its features really helps people to manage work from many places. Work and life become a lot efficient by using this remote desktop application.

Download LogMeIn Latest Version