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Developer Florian Balmer
License Free
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Notepad2 is best defined as a free and open-source text editor for Microsoft Windows. It is released under the BSD software license. However, it was first released in the public in April 2004. Florian Balmer, who is the writer of this software, based Notepad2 on the principles of Notepad. Those are small, fast and usable.

Balmer stated that some features will not possibly implemented in Notepad2 because those features are out of his design of the application. Those include the most requested feature such as multiple document interface. Meanwhile, other feature including code folding, file association and bookmarks are available after they are modified.


Other features which are very useful and giving you highlights are as follows:

Notepad2 Is Extremely Fast

Notepad2 is considered able to load very fast. It does a lot whole than the Notepad. It means that if you need the faster loading of word processing, It can be one of the options you may take into consideration. This is one of the points that most people are looking for.

Compact and Lightweight

The design is compact, meaning that Notepad2 is solid for its constructed features along with its minimum distractions. It is also lightweight with the entire program folder which spends only 766 KB. Thus, you can save more memory for other useful things.

No Comparison

If you have known Notepad, you must have known both Notepad and Notepad2. Most users say, although they have many similarities either in features or in general specification, there is no comparison between the two. However, Notepad2 is best described to have more capable tools than Notepad for the text documents.

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It is portable but the programs on its website have some instructions to replace Notepad in Windows. Moreover, the text file which is included along with the download has version info, keyboard shortcuts, regular expression syntax, and other documentation.

Multiple Undo and Redo

The feature of multiple undo and redo contributes much to help you operate undo and redo when you are making mistakes in typing words or sentences. In this way, you are provided with the easy way of correcting the typing by the availability of this feature.

Notepad2 Latest Version
Notepad2 Latest Version

Find and Replace

Another important feature of Notepad2 is “find and replace”. Along with this feature, you will be able to find desired words and replace them fast and easy. When you want to change a word, and you find the word probably in large number, you can simply use this feature by clicking “Find”. Then you will see the words are highlighted on your screen. Simply type your desired word on the “replace” and click. And everything is done fast and easy. You don’t take time to search word to word.


Over the 6 amazing features of Notepad2, you might come to the conclusion that this one deserves a consideration to set up on your desktop PC. The most interesting feature of Notepad2 is its speed to load. Imagine that you will be able to carry out some document making without the need to wait for the loading although in a couple of seconds. How amazing!

Download Notepad2 Latest Version