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What is PC Inspector File Recovery? This app is able to restore all data that is lost, deleted, or formatted accidentally or just because you’ve reinstalled your PC. When all important data is lost, you can only use recovery software. It is the one that can restore it. Have you ever experienced loss of documents or data due to viruses, accidentally deleted or other factors? This is certainly very annoying especially if the data is important data and you are in desperate need of the document or data. Wait a minute! You don’t need to be panic. As technology develops today, it is not impossible to restore deleted data on your computer. Basically, in certain circumstances, data that is deleted is actually not completely lost from your computer. It’s just that it really takes a little “effort” to return the document when it is available.

PC Inspector File Recovery
PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery to Recover Data

This backup free app is a free professional software and software disaster recovery system for home users. This subject can fully protect your system from system crashes and other system disasters, comprehensive backup & restore of your home data easily. This application is free only for home users, commercial users must obtain a license.

It has a one-click backup system, photos, music, videos, documents, and other applications in error. It is a multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup files and directories from their original locations to other directories or drives on the same computer or other computers in your network. This backup app is also supported in both directions (download and upload).

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PC Inspector File Recovery has two different versions: application and service. This program uses very little resources and it can run in the background on your computer system. Moreover, it can check your backup schedule and execute your backup if needed. An app is a freeware software that functions for backup and restores files on windows. Along with backup and restore, the file recovery apps can also sync your files in two directions.

This application also has backup features that can be scheduled. Integrating all existing backup techniques and exclusive recovery environments, the latest edition is sufficient to make ends meet, especially the very demanding users and only very powerful free backup tools available today. This free app is very possible for you to take full control of your PC’s security.

PC Inspector File Recovery Latest Version
PC Inspector File Recovery Latest Version

PC Inspector File Recovery has a one-click feature of backing up all data from the system drive, counting system files and installed applications without interfering with moving the system. Backup your hard disk drive is included in the external hard drive, GPT disk, MBR disk, CD / DVD, USB disk, and other storage devices that can be recognized by Windows. If you just want to backup partitions or volumes, not just all disks, this feature can be your best choice. By using PC Inspector File Recovery, you can backup partitions one or part or volume. When your computer runs a part of the problem, like files accidentally deleted, you can restore the system to a normal situation or retrieve lost data.

Download PC Inspector File Recovery Latest Version