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Are you looking for a software which is suitable for programmers? PSPad is the answer.  PSPad is a freeware text editor and open-source editor which is aimed for programmers.  In another word, this software is very suitable for programmers.

Initially released on March 25, 2001, which was about 18 years ago, PSPad is produced by a single Czech developer named Jan Fiala for the Windows Platform. Thus, it is running on Windows OS. Written in Delphi, this software has the average size of 4.6 MB. There are 44 languages used so that you don’t have to worry because you must have mastered one of those languages.


PSPad Features

Like many other text editors, PSPad has many basic features to offer. The features tend to be a software-development oriented feature that most programmers are looking for. Those features include:

Syntax Highlighting

As a free text editor, PSPad provides you a feature of Syntax Highlighting which enables you to highlight the words you desired with the color you prefer. This is very good for editing modes needed by so many programmers.

Ability On Editing Multiple Languages

PSPad is also supported by the feature of ability on editing multiple languages. The editing on multiple languages includes PHP, Perl, HTML, and Java. Along with the 44 languages available in this software, you will be able to edit some of them at once.

Multiple-files Saving

Besides having multiple languages to edit, this kind of text editor also has a feature of multiple files saving. It enables you to save more than two or three files at once. Thus, it’s very good to run, right?

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PSPad Latest Version
PSPad Latest Version


Auto-Completion is another feature which is also very important. In this case, you will be able to complete a word that you type or write. There will be a list of words recommendation which is offered through the interface. You just need to select one of the words by pressing the tab key or the down arrow key to sign that you accept the word recommendation.


Most of the text editor has this feature, find and replace. It is functioned when you want to find a word which needs to be changed and replaced by another word desired. When you want to find all of the same words, it will be simply done by highlighting the word, click “find” and type your desired word in “replace”. So that all of the rest of the words will be replaced by your desired word at once.


Another feature coming to complete how PSPad work is Ready-to-Run. Actually, this software is packaged ready-to-run with the aim to give an easy way of running the software. And this one is semi-portable. Thus you don’t have to think that this software is difficult to implement.


All in all, as the bottom line, we may conclude that PSPad is one of the free text editors which is aimed for editing programmers. The feature will be all applicable and can be implemented to make a good typing and writing.

Download PSPad Latest Version