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A web browser is a tool that can be used by the users to browse the internet in an easy way and they can certainly get what they want. Nowadays, most people use the internet to search for information or entertainment. There are millions of websites on the internet that have different content, so everyone will find something on the internet. By using a browser like Puffin web browser, they can find the content and at the same time use it to store or read something on the website. If there is no browser, they won’t be able to visit the website.

Puffin Web Browser
Puffin Web Browser

Puffin Web Browser Features

This web browser is not as popular as other browsers. At a glance, the browser looks less good outside, but if the user tries once it will a game changer. People will prefer to use Puffin than other web browsers. They will become addicted to the features it provides. In addition, Puffin has a distinctive feature that you can find only on Puffin. Below are some of the advantages that you can get if you use Puffin.

  • A very fast website

Puffin claims itself 50% faster than other browsers and this is absolutely true. This feature is even better than its rival. Puffin web browser is very fast to do browsing, which is 8 times faster. Visiting the website by using Puffin is like use server cloud too.

  • Download files on cloud storage

The next advantage is this great feature. Users can redirect the download process to be stored on cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. The maximum downloaded file is 1 GB for each file. Thus, the users can re-download the file from cloud storage faster without any speed limit. This is so great!

  • Internal flash plugin
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Puffin web browser has internal flash plugin. This feature is available in this browser. There is no need to reinstall Adobe Flash applications so that any flash content on the website can be displayed. It also has a good quality flash. You can save your data by using internet flash plugin.

Puffin Web Browser Latest Version
Puffin Web Browser Latest Version
  • Various theme and wallpapers

If you don’t like the standard design that you get in other web browsers, Puffin offers you otherwise. Although it have a simple and not too flashy look, the user can change the colors, theme, and wallpaper of this web browser. This will make the user not feel bored while using this browser.

  • Visiting the website with desktop version easily

Puffin is great for the smartphone but how about desktop version? It turns out that Puffin also has great interface when the user wants to visit a website in a desktop version. When they want to view a website in desktop version through their smartphone, Puffin will but change the screen so it will make the users view the website like in PC.

  • Network diagnostic feature

The last advantage of Puffin web browser is it has network diagnostic feature. It means that if users experience a connection problem, Puffin will perform diagnostics such as displaying responses from HTTP, HTTPS and others and the browser can reconnect to the Puffin server.

Download Puffin Web Browser Latest Version