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For those who work with a computer, file losses can be an annoying incident. Sometimes You tend to delete a certain file accidentally without knowing. This incident could lead to a bigger problem if the file contains some important information. When You experienced this, the first thing in mind is how to get back all the files that have been deleted right? Recuva Free version is a right solution for You.




The name “Recuva” is derived from word “Recover”. This name explains the main function of this tool which is to help restore any file that has been deleted unintentionally or intentionally. This action includes some files that have been removed from the recycle been as well. It also helps to restore the file that has been deleted due to error problems such as viruses, crash or bugs. This software really helps PC users when facing a problem with deleted files.

Recuva was developed by Piriform and released on August 7th, 2007. This undeletion program is compatible with Windows operating system from Windows 2000 and later. The software has become an important utility for PC user because of some reason. This app is able to restore some lost directory and renamed it automatically with the same name as the original one. This software works on recovering data by looking for some unreferenced data source. The app can be used to recover some data lost from any devices such as USB flash, hard drive, memory card or another media storage. The data lost from any device could only be restored if the file system is supported.

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Recuva Free Latest Version Features

  • Easy to use

This utility is very easy to use. It has the filter to help organize all files based on certain categories. You can use this filter to categorized file based on names or file type.

  • Simple and useful interface

The interface design of this app is very simple and easy to use. A user only needs to click “Scan” button then choose any files that need to be recovered. This simple step only takes a few minutes to recover and restore Your important files.

  • Easy to run

You can run this utility application from a USB drive. This simple way to run Recuva makes it portable and can be used on any PC or laptop with the supported operating system.

  • Has the ability to restore any kind of files

This software can recover and restore any kind of file type from office document, PDF files, music, audio, video, email etc. This software is way better than other recovery tools because this undeletion utility has the ability to restore files even from a damaged and formatted disk.

Recuva Free Latest Version
Recuva Free Latest Version
  • Fast and lightweight

This application doesn’t need a large space of storage. Due to the small file size, Recuva can be run fast and easy without the crash.

Above all those premium features, this software can be the best solution for file recovery. It can handle all type of files and restore it just by a single click on the interface. Moreover, the best part of this utility is that it can be downloaded free, anyone can use the free version of Recuva.

Download Recuva Free Latest Version