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Rufus is free software to make bootable USB flash drive. The use of new technologies in the manufacturer of device components can result in the size of device components in smaller forms. This ultimately presents the physical form of a more compact device but still has the ability that is not lost or even more sophisticated. You can imagine laptops a few years ago that has a wide physical, thick and heavy, is now changing tend to be smaller and lighter. The presence of netbook devices is a new breakthrough that removes disc drive components so it has a small shape, lighter and easier to carry.


What is Rufus?

Physical changes of devices accompanied by the presence or disappearance of certain component functions are in line with the growing presence of existing software in order to adapt to these changes. Initially, the installation of the operating system can only be done via a bootable CD or DVD because of the unknown bootable USB flash drive at the time. But then, along with its development, people begin to know the installation of the operating system using bootable USB flash drive. Now there is much software which is installed to the computer by using bootable USB flash drive.

The use of bootable USB flash drives has begun to shift the bootable role of CD or DVD as a medium for installing software. Rufus as bootable USB flash drives are not only required for devices that do not have optical drives like netbooks, but also have become an option because it has advantages such as faster software installation, smaller dimensions so it is more practical to carry and software size is also larger, not limited to only 4.7 GB on DVD. Today many software sales are licensed only, while the software itself is available for download through its official website in ISO format.

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Rufus Latest Version
Rufus Latest Version

You can find many applications that can be used to create bootable USB flash drives. One of the best and free is Rufus. This software is an open source application to create bootable USB flash drives developed by Pete Batard from Okeo Consulting. The software is so well known, always there and alluded to in every discussion about bootable USB flash drives. Now the software seems to have become an option and widely used by those who want to make a bootable USB flash drive.

There is no doubt that the software itself, on its official website, claims that it can be twice as fast as some other similar applications including Windows 7 USB or DVD Download Tool in making Windows 7 installation drives as well as Linux bootable USB from ISO files. The bootable USB flash drive software is small. Rufus interface is fairly simple, easy to understand and not difficult to use even though Windows 7 USB OR DVD Download Tool is still simpler.

Download Rufus Latest Version