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Scrivener deals with the unity of everything you need to write, research and arrange in long documents in a single and powerful application. It is very easy to use especially in gathering your material and flick between different parts of your notes, manuscript as well as references. There is a lot that Scrivener could do as the best software including the ability to manage sections of any size. In addition, it also helps you integrate the online tools in which you can play everything there. When you have your project grown up, Scrivener is growing up, too.


There are a lot of useful features you can read on this review, however, the list we have made here is the more useful ones that we can select among the numerous features.

Scrivener: Familiar Text Editing

You will have such familiar text editing by using this software. Its editor makes you feel right at home by adding the formatting tools such as bold, italic, underlined and etc. as you expected. You will also be able to add comments and annotations, make a list, as well as insert images and tables. Simply switch to page view and you will see the pages fill up when you are typing.


Along with the styles, you can be able to indent a block quote and make the text smaller at the same time. As another option, you can make a large and bold heading by one click only. You can also request to Scrivener to help you format all of your blockquotes to create an ebook or produce PDF. Let’s say wow for this.

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Templates and Icons

When you have a new section on your project, you can exactly make templates used for the basis. Generally, you need this when you are planning a novel which needs location sheets. Along with this Scrivener, you are able to assign custom icons to your templates to make an easy-picking out in the outline.


This feature deals with the formatting which is planned for a comic. This is how the scrivener’s scriptwriting is very much useful to the making of the draft. When you are done, you can directly print from this text editor or export it to other industry-standard software such as Final Draft.

Scrivener Latest Version
Scrivener Latest Version

Auto-Save and Backups

Saving files can be done automatically by the Auto-save feature while you are working. Scrivener can also automatically backup your projects whenever they are opened and closed. Thus, your project will always be safe due to the feature of auto-save and backups.

Write Anywhere

This text editor is available for iOS, Mac OS, and Windows. Simply open your screen, sync by the Dropbox, then pluck your book from your pocket and do your writing on your iPhone. There you can write wherever and whenever you are out. What a flexible feature of Scrivener, right?


There are still many other features that you may have been familiar with such as the ability of the software to print, publish and export your files or manuscript. However, we have listed some important features above to show you that Scrivener can be your best choice.

Download Scrivener Latest Version