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SHAREit is one of the most popular file transfer applications with millions of downloads on the earth. No wonder indeed, because with this app, users can share data quickly to other devices. Plus there are now so many features that make the process easier. How to use this app? It is very easy and constant in all operating systems. So, you do not need the hassles to move files from one device to another. Of course, by using this app, the time required for file transfer also becomes faster. Well, this app can be an option if you often share files with others. For your first time, here’s how to use the app to send files or apps.


How to Use SHAREit

  1. On Home or home screen, select Send or Send menu.
  2. Next, select the application or any file you want to send. If all is entered in the list selected, press the Send key.
  3. On the next screen, this app will look for smartphones that are ready to receive files. Tap the smartphone image to send.
  4. Wait until the transfer is complete.
SHAREit Latest Version
SHAREit Latest Version

It is very easy to use this app to send files or apps. But it turns out the app also has other hidden features that are not necessarily known by many people. What are the hidden features of this great app? Check this out

SHAREit Hidden Feature

  • Group Share

Group Share feature allows you to share data or files to multiple smartphones simultaneously. To use this feature, one of the smartphones must create a group first, then another smartphone joined the group. Once connected, files uploaded by members can be directly downloaded by other members simultaneously. This feature is certainly very easy to use to share files because you do not need to send files to many smartphones one by one. In this group, you can also send a message to fellow members.

  • WebShare
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Usually, you need to download this app first if you want to use the features from SHAREit. But by using the theWebShare feature, the user does not have to install the app first. So you can still send files easily to anyone including those who did not install the app. How to use this feature? You can choose the WebShare menu and then it will automatically create a hotspot. Furthermore, the sender just connects the smartphone to the network by selecting via WiFi settings, scan QR Code, or access the IP address provided in the browser.

  • Share Zone

Share Zone is a feature that allows you to create a public place that can be accessed by other users. So the users can directly download the existing file without having to perform the conventional process as usual. To use this feature, you need to create Share Zone and then choose which files you want to enter the zone. Then other users can go into the zone you have created and they can download all the files at will. This hidden feature from SHAREit is so great!

Download SHAREit Latest Version