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This is a data recovery application that is able to recover deleted photos, videos, or music files from internal or external memory on your Windows PC. In addition, this data recovery app is also useful to restore files from memory that has been formatted or has a virus attack. This application is great for recovering accidentally deleted data from your Windows PC. There is a unique thing from this app that is its feature to recover data from the phone. This data recovery application is different from the others because it can be used for smartphone users who have been rooted or not. After this data recovery application is installed, then you just have to scan the data that has been deleted. After the data that has been searched has been found, you just click the restore icon to recover the data.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Get to Know More about Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

The data recovery application can help you restore data or recover your data on a PC or smartphone, which is lost and deleted either intentionally or not. One of the advantages of this application is that it can perform data recovery in internal or external memory. File types that can be recovered such as video files, documents, photos etc. The app supports various file formats. For those of you who rarely tinker with computer programs, it may feel strange with the owned by this application. Armed with a black background, without mouse control, the display alias is similar to cmd (then we will call the command line). From this command line, you can restore all types of deleted files.

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Although the name of this application is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery it turns out that this application is able to restore more than 200 types of files available today. All 200 more types of files can be reconstructed for later download. Besides this application also has an interesting feature, namely recovery partition, which not all applications have. As in the initial paragraph, as well as in the points of shortage, we have explained that one of the fundamental flaws, but quite felt in this application is its appearance that is not friendly to users, especially novice users.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Latest Version
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Latest Version

With just the command line, without the help of the mouse cursor, you who are not used to it will definitely leave Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery immediately. It’s just that in our opinion you don’t need to worry, because by getting used to it for a while we believe you are able to operate this application well. Instead of using the command line you cannot delete or write data into it, or in other words, your file security is maintained with the appearance and control that this application has. Maybe this application is also one way to restore deleted files with good security.

In short, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a data recovery app that you can use to save your important data if you delete it unintentionally. There are many reviews for this app which means that this app is really useful to recover data.

Download Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Latest Version