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Operating systems like GNU Linux and Mac OS, now, can be said to be free of malware (spyware, viruses, etc.), but not with Windows OS. To protect yourself, we recommend that you: 1) update your operating system regularly, and all installed programs; 2) using an anti-virus program like SuperAntiSpyware; 3) using a firewall program registered in Comodo; 4) using a secure browser like Firefox by adding NoScript which prevents scripts from being downloaded with web pages when turned on.


Security systems for computers that use Microsoft Windows are very different. There are thousands of new malware created every day. The method of attack was even more sophisticated. The precaution mentioned in the previous paragraph is a mandatory action for Microsoft Windows. In addition, we also recommend using this app as described in this post. However, if your computer remains infected after this precaution is taken, and you need additional tools, we recommend this tool called SuperAntiSpyware. Install this app then scan your computer. You can also do a Quick Scan and immediately scan again after the Quick Scan process has finished deleting malware shown on Show Results

Get Rid of Malware with SuperAntiSpyware

There are two basic steps in using this app effectively. The first is Updating Detection Rules and Immunization databases with the most recent and relevant updates from the app. The second is Running this app. This action protects your system with the Detection rules and Immunization databases or updates that you have downloaded earlier then checks your system to find spyware and removes the spyware.

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SuperAntiSpyware Latest Version
SuperAntiSpyware Latest Version

How to Use SuperAntiSpyware for the First Time

  1. After you have completed the installation and setup process, the app will turn on by itself and show the Official Goods.
  2. Click to activate this app screen and also create a registry backup as follows. Create a registry backup Note: You are strongly encouraged to make a backup of the registration made. Step 2. Click to save a copy of your system registry.
  3. Click to activate the app screen – Search for updates. If you are connected to the internet, please do the following
  4. Click to activate the screen Search for updates, then proceed directly to the section. If you are not connected to the Internet, do the following
  5. Click to activate the System Immunization window, and start immobilizing your system: Figure 5: the Status bar of the immobilization process Note: If you leave your browser on, the screen below will appear before immunization process.
  6. Close all browsers and then click to start immunity.
  7. Click and then click to return to the app console in the Thickening mode.

How to Give Immunity in The System

This app helps protect your computer from spyware by “immunizing” the system. This process is like getting a vaccination against new infectious diseases. To immunize a computer system, click on the SuperAntiSpyware sidebar or to automatically start the thickening process. You may need to maximize your window to see all types of protection that can be used in the Immigration window.