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Text maker 2018 is a new word processing program for all cases. This type of word processor is developed by the Nuremberg based software company SoftMaker from German. It is aimed as a part of the SoftMaker office suite. The earlier versions of TextMaker 2018 existed and were sold separately. Meanwhile, some previous commercial versions of SoftMaker TextMaker were released as freeware in 2006 and 2008. They were also sold commercially.

TextMaker 2018
TextMaker 2018

Initially released in 1987, TextMaker 2018 is now running on MS Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Mobile, and Windows CE. This way, TextMaker is used not only for the operating system on your PC but also for your mobile devices.

TextMaker 2018 is Fast, Powerful and Compatible

TextMaker 2018 is just a good word processing program that you must take into consideration for it has the quickest way of handling the document creation. Daily correspondence is a particular example. TextMaker 2018 quickly handles the daily correspondence including individual letters, mail merges, labels, and envelopes child’s play. The practical time-savers such as built-in address book allow you to make such creative letters and etc.

The navigation which is through the long texts is also done quickly with the use of a comfortable sidebar and structure so that it looks like an integrated outline. This software gives you the desired results fast and effectively.

Universally Applicable

Why TextMaker 2018 is universally applicable? Well, this software is applicable since it can be used and operated for home use, business, as well as academics. As a home use, TextMaker 2018 helps your children finish their school tasks in drawing with the beautiful and unique objects they can choose. For business, this software support bigger in creating attractive flyers, invitation cards and posters using the sophisticated desktop-publishing functions such as intelligent object guides, object frames, and master pages.

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Meanwhile, to provide more functions for academics, TextMaker 2018 provides a comprehensive toolset for scientific work including footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, cross-references, indexes, tables of contents, image captions as well as tables of figures.

Creative Design

If you are a creative person, TextMaker is the best you can choose for your word processing. It will awaken your creativity with its graphics, drawings, text frames and etc. You can freely use those tools at the unique Object Mode. In this tool, you will be able not only to crop the images but also alive them with the manifold effects like soft shadows, mirror effects, 3D rotations, and attractive photo frames.

The master pages tool allows you to watermark each page or place the graphics objects again in your document. Moreover, the integrated TextArt feature of this software enables you to make slogans only by a couple of seconds.

Incredible Language Tools

TextMaker 2108 has actually an incredible language tool. Along with the accurate and eloquent feature, you will never at a loss of words. Completed by the built-in spell checker, this software helps you find the spelling mistakes in more than 75 languages. Moreover, the real-time word counter enables you to measure the accurate size of your documents.

TextMaker 2018 Latest Version
TextMaker 2018 Latest Version

Thanks to the integrated ten-language thesaurus which allow you to find the right words and the automatic hyphenation split words into 33 languages. This is how you could see that TextMaker is very much helpful in word processing.


Conclusively, TextMaker 2018 is a type of software which provides you a lot of useful benefits to help you done with everything about word processing.