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UNetbootin is one of the best software that used to boot flash so you can use it as the installation media for an operating system like Windows OS, Mac, and Linux. The look of this software is simple and it is also easy to use. This makes the software deserve an applause if you want to create bootable flash. As we know that there is much similar software besides this app that can be used to boot the flash. Unfortunately, the software is not as great as this app. You can use this software to boot the flash even though the ISO file size is used more than 4GB. The storage is the thing that many people seek when it comes to bootable flash software.

UNetbootin Logo
UNetbootin Logo

How to use UNeetbootin

The following below is the tutorial on how to use this software to bootable flash easily. First, you have to download the software, you can find the download link below of this page. The bootable flash app can be downloaded for free. After that, plug the flash to your laptop or PC. Open the software that you downloaded earlier. This software look is great and easy to use. Your flash will be automatically detected. Then, select “Diskimage” and click. After that, select the operating system file (ISO) that you want. For example, you choose Windows 7 then select Open. After you select the operating system file you want, then select OK. You will get a notification about the chose operating system, then select “Yes to All”.

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UNetbootin Latest Version
UNetbootin Latest Version

UNetbootin will start extracting and copying files into the flash. This process takes approximately 10 minutes, depending on how big the size of the ISO file. If there is a notification written “Installation Complete” on the screen, it indicates that the flash has been boot successfully. The next step is to set the first boot from the flash. You must first enter the BIOS menu to do it. After that, you need to install according to the operating system that you choose.

This software has many useful features which are:

  1. Parted Magic is a partition manager that can resize, repair, backup and restore your partitions.
  2. Backtrack is a utility used for network analysis and penetration tests.
  3. Super Grub Disk is a boot utility that can restore and fix a badly installed or misconfigured GRUB install.
  4. SystemRescue CD is a tool repair, backup, and recovery system.
  5. Ophcrack is a utility that can recover Windows passwords.

With the great features from UNetbootin, you can create bootable flash easily.