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After confused searching Google about a RAR program for Mac, an application with a good review appears, UnRarX. it turns out that to extract .rar files for Mac is not winrar, winrar can only be used on Windows. it’s just hard to find the word WinRAR for Mac. UnRarX is a software for extracting .rar format files for Mac OS. The user is quite simple after UnRarX is installed on your Mac. Just double-click the .rar file format, wait until the process is 99% OK, then the extract can be seen in the same folder. But it can only extract, it can’t be used to compress like WinRAR. Therefore, rar files are often considered part of the Windows world, but Mac users often find them too, so this application will be really needed on your lovely Mac. Therefore, there are others information about this program.


How to Use UnRarX

First of all, you must download UnRarX first, then install it. After it has been run, it will now be associated with the rar archive on your Mac, so you can simply double-click on the rar file to extract it in the future. You can also just open rar files and explore the archive without uncompressing it. By installing the software, all of the rar files are automatically connected with the UnRarX. By all means, you can already open all of your files without clicking any other occupied programs.

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UnRarX Works Perfectly on Almost Every Version on Mac

This program has been specifically designed only for Mac. Therefore, it is not half-hearted, it can be installed on all Mac versions, even for the older version. This performance proves that most Mac users are very dependent on this program. With its fairly lightweight requirements, this application makes it the favorite and best choice for Mac users.

Fast Performance

It has a powerful performance than others similar applications. This software can work faster even with full task option. With this powerful performance, this application will be able to compete with other new programs that are not as perfect as this software. Therefore, for those of you who are still confused about choosing the mainstay software for opening RAR on Mac, you can try the best quality RAR opening application, UnRarX Mac.

UnRarX Latest Version
UnRarX Latest Version

How to Instal?

You can download this application by searching on google, “Download UnRarX for Mac”, then choose the trusted site for downloading applications such as FileHippo. After the download complete, follow the installation and the instruction.

Therefore, that is all the details information about UnRarX application for Mac. Keep in mind that this application is still recommended for you with the old type of Mac. But of course, this software will work better with the higher version.