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Have you ever heard of torrent files? Maybe after hearing the torrent, you will immediately wonder “What is uTorrent?” We are pretty sure that many people ever heard about this word. In a file-sharing technology called BitTorrent, there is a file called torrent that contains metadata which describes where the file is and where the folder is shared. Usually, there is also shared network information and how many computers sharing the file. Basically, this torrent file is small and it acts like a tracker to download the actual file. Extensions for torrent files are usually called as (.torrent). In addition, to download torrent files from this technology, you will need software for Windows and Transmission for Mac OS and Linux.


Know More About uTorrent

BitTorrent Technology is a peer-to-peer internet sharing file. When you download files from people who share files, other people who download files will also download them from you, not from the file divider. This technology is very profitable because it does not burden the server since everyone functions as a sender and receiver file. In Torrent, there are Seeder and Leecher. Once you have finished downloading the torrent file, you will play as the “seeder” and you will continue to upload the files to other people. If you are not as an uploader and just as a downloader then you are called “leecher.”

How to Download uTorrent

How to download Torrent? It is very easy and simple. You only need client software from BitTorrent if you use Windows and Transmission for Mac OS and Linux. At least, the two software that we mentioned, those can runs well in their respective operating systems. A little note from us is that while you are installing the software or transmission, you will need Ask Toolbar to be installed too because BitTorrent technology is often misused for someone to share pirated files, including rampant pirated sites using torrent. You need to know that torrent files are also dangerous to download, not all torrent files are safe so you should check them with antivirus.

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uTorrent Latest Version
uTorrent Latest Version

How to download uTorrent? After you have installed one of the client software and you have found the download link. You need to copy the link to BitTorrent client and click download. Here’s how to download from torrent using Torrent. First, you need to open Torrent then click File. Here you can choose to use a torrent file. There will be two options which are using link or user device. If you find a torrent with a link, then select Add Torrent from URL. The next step is to enter the torrent URL and click OK. After that, select the storage of torrent files you download. The last step is to wait for torrent file download process until finished. The download speed of torrent will depend on the Internet download speed that you have.

The features on Torrent are great and there are easy to use. You can download many files at once. You can also download particular file too. Usually, people use uTorrent to download movie easily.