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In a lot of times, we cannot open files in GIF format with the same app we open files with JPEG format. This is because GIF is a graphics format, while JPEG is not. Therefore, we need a specific application used specifically to open graphics files like GIF, for instance, XnView. The app was released on May 31, 2018, or that was when the latest version of the app came out. Produced by, the app is available in multiple languages including English. It can be operated in all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux with 30MB file in size.

XnView Logo
XnView Logo

XnView Key Features Overview

Viewing graphics files is a common job, but converting them as well as a swell occupation. XnView is an application which is designed with advanced tools to allow users to view and convert graphics files easily. The app has more than a hundred tools which can be operated through a simple and easy-to-use interface. With such convenience, the app operates very quickly. It is super intuitive and easy-to-use. Moreover, it supports more than 400 graphics formats. If that is not enough for you, be ready, because there are more features of the app which you should know:

  • The app allows you to import 400 graphic file formats and export 50 graphics files formats
  • The app also supports formats, such as Multipage TIFF, Animated GIF, Animated ICO, Image IPTC, EXIF metadata, and EXIF auto rotation
  • Since the app supports Image IPTC, it also allows users to edit IPTC
  • Resize, rotate and crop tools are provided
  • Supporting lossless rotate and crop for JPEG files format
  • Brightness and contrast of the graphics files can be adjusted easily
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XnView Latest Version
XnView Latest Version
  • There are tools for contrast and auto levels which make it more convenient for users to operate the app
  • You can modify the number of colors freely using the color wheel provided by XnView
  • There are available filters which you can directly use, such as blur, average, emboss and more
  • There are also effects which you can directly use, for instance, lens, wave and more
  • You can change the interface to fullscreen mode
  • You can use the slideshow option with effects
  • To help users reach their time efficiency, there are tools used for batch converting and renaming
  • Users like you can create WEB page without hard level of difficulties
  • XnView app also lets its users to take a screen capture of current progress
  • If users want to create contact sheet or multi-page file with different formats, the app also allows that to operate altogether
  • When used in Windows, TWAIN and WIA are supported. The result can be printed and a lot of tools with drag and drop options can be used properly
  • Moreover, the app allows users to compare result images side by side for a detail inspection
  • It also provides a filmstrip layout
  • The XnView app also supports 44 languages which is beneficial for international users. Major languages like English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese are available undoubtedly.