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Have you ever heard about the so-called tune-up utility like IObit Advanced SystemCare free? This is a kind of tool that can be used to deal with a sluggish and lagging computer. A lot of people prefer buying a new computer when the old one is slowing down. However, there is an inexpensive way to deal with it. Instead of spending money on the new computer, why not invest your money in such a tune-up utility? It can improve your computer’s performance and address some of the real issues.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free
IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free in General

As it was mentioned before, you don’t always buy a new computer when the old one is acting out. The tune-up tool will be able to perform a thorough clean up as well as improving the computer’s speed and performance. If you are still doubtful about the software, why not giving it a try? Most users claim that their computer is experiencing a significant improvement after they have used the tool. You should also give it a try.

The Overall Pros and Cons

There are some great benefits when using this IObit Advanced SystemCare free:

  • First of all, you can seriously expect the performance to improve and get better
  • The tool is using the so-called Performance Monitor and this widget is surprisingly nice to use and it is also very useful
  • The Health Monitor is also useful, giving you complete info within a short glance
  • The paid service is quite affordable and it won’t be burdensome for most users

Unfortunately, you should also be prepared for some downsides. The installation, for a starter, is pretty limited. Second, other features including File Shredder are separated – you will have to buy them from a different package. Third, it doesn’t have enough across the board recommendation. However, if you are okay with these downsides, the tool is pretty handy to fix your slowing computer. But then again, think about it thoroughly before you regret the decision.

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IObit Advanced SystemCare Free Latest Version
IObit Advanced SystemCare Free Latest Version

The Basic Advantages

IObit Advanced SystemCare free is pretty good when you want to perform your own repair for the sluggish computer. Thanks to the deeper registry cleaner, real-time optimization, and other useful features, you can improve your computer’s performance without having to replace it.

The tool comes in three different pricing schemes. The free one, the Pro one, and the Ultimate. Even if you choose the free service, you can still enjoy basic protection and security, restore and backup, system optimization, Speed up technology, and also privacy protection. The real-time optimization, unfortunately, is available starting from the Pro package. But if it isn’t important for you, then it is okay.

Some features are pretty new while the others are pretty old but with the advanced technology. You can enjoy such thing as Security Reinforce that will diagnose and then repair the system’s weakness or the IObit Undelete that can help you recover across the external and internal storage. There are definitely tons of fun features to expect from IObit Advanced SystemCare free – you just have to give it a try!

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free Latest Version