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What do you know about IObit Driver Booster? If you knew only a little about it then you must stay on this page until you find the entire information, thus, you can make use of it after checking out what this app offer.

IObit Driver Booster
IObit Driver Booster

IObit Driver Booster is designed as an app or tool which allows the users to keep the system always up-to-date. It works by automatically scanning the system just after the installation. Thus, it offers you a complete list of your computers’ drivers. Full of information will be available by this app as soon as you need it.

IObit Driver Booster Features

Some features are added in such a way to this app along with 2.500.000 driver supports and the game components. In order to know more about this app, move your mouse to scroll and find a review of the features below:

Advanced Compression Technology

Firstly, check out the great feature that is advanced compression technology. This feature comes to help you work faster supported by the break-point resume technology, automatic retry mechanism, and the SSL protocol. These contribute much to the faster use of the app.

Quick and Safe Driver Update

Don’t worry if you want to save the driver update quickly. It is due to the feature of quick and safe the driver update added to IObit Driver Booster app. This means that all of the driver updates are safe if you use this app.

Game Boost and Game Ready Driver

The next feature you can optimize just after installing this app is the game boost and game ready driver. It makes you possible to put your gaming time first while you are still updating and improving the game experience. In this case, you can also create a smoother and more stable performance as you expect.

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Clean Interface

Another feature you have to know so that you can consider installing the app is the clean interface. IObit Driver Booster has this feature to enable you to navigate and automatically detect any outdated drivers such as your HP Envy 4500 Driver. Later, you can replace them just by one click provided in the application.

IObit Driver Booster Latest Version
IObit Driver Booster Latest Version

Automatic Drivers and Components Installation

Another great feature you can’t ignore is the automatic drivers and components installation. This means that the app provides an automatic way of installing the drivers and the components of IObit Driver Booster. You can still carry out the installation although your PC is idle. Isn’t that great?

Improvements On PC Performance

As one of the recommended application, IObit Driver Booster also supports improvements on the PC performance. It shows the ability to boast a number of new and crucial changes since the last updates. Thus, you can have a better improvement for your PC as well as you enable the PC to perform better.


Out of the features reviewed above, it can be inferred in mind that IObit Driver Booster is very good to install soon on your PC to let your system always up-to-date. The 6 features of the app are added with full of functionality you can optimize fully, too.

Download IObit Driver Booster Latest Version