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Are you searching on a free unlimited data recovery software? IObit Undelete can be the right option to consider. Although there is a lot of free data recovery software to download from the sources, you must be sure that the one you choose from is able to help you recover the deleted files in a quick way, that is IObit Undelete.

IObit Undelete
IObit Undelete

Commonly, the data or files that you have just deleted are stored on your hard drive, USB or other storage on your computer. If you want to recover, you need definitely a recovery software. In this case, some of your deleted files which you thought to disappear can be undelete by this software. This shows how powerful the software help you.

IObit Undelete Features

Now let’s check out the other power of the software in its features as follows:

Status of Recoverability

The first powerful features you can use to help you undelete the files is the status of recoverability. In this case, you just need to press the button and you will be notified about the status whether it is “Excellent”, “Good” or “Poor.” The excellent status means you can recover the files or data normally. Meanwhile, the good or poor status indicates that it will be a bit harder to restore the deleted data.


Being portable is a plus point you can derive from IObit Undelete. Installing this software will not significantly affect your hard drive since you can store the recovery files in your USB. The software installation will only overwrite a few lost files which may be important. Thus, the portability of the software makes the software considered to be best used.

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Easily Find The Deleted Files

If you think it might get hard to find your deleted files, it proves that wrong. This software allows you to find your deleted files by names and size as well as extensions. Based on the users’ point of view, you will need a second only to get your files back. Wonderful!

Quick To Install

The next feature you have to know to optimize the software is the quick installation. Commonly, people are looking for software with the quick installation to enable them to use the software as soon as they finish the installation. in addition, quick installation software is very helpful to help them work faster and better.

Simple To Use

Besides it is quick to install, IObit Undelete is also very simple to use. This means, all the levels of users can run this software well including those who are still newbie, intermediate or advanced. Thus, if you have known nothing about software yet, don’t hesitate to get this one since it is very simple to use.

IObit Undelete Latest Version
IObit Undelete Latest Version

Almost No Cons

Due to the features which are all helpful and useful, it has almost no cons. It means that almost software users like and use this software. It carries no difficulty and no trouble.

IObit Undelete Conclusion

Overall, it is a very good idea to install IObit Undelete on your computer to help you find the lost data or files and get them back in an easy and quick way. What’s more to consider?

Download IObit Undelete Latest Version